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February 23, 2018, 01:52:14 AM
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Author Topic: 2012: A Year in Review  (Read 5151 times)

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Re: 2012: A Year in Review
« Reply #15 on: January 09, 2013, 02:14:45 PM »
I can't say I was impressed by this year's offerings. Say I Love You already lost me, due to it kind of pushing the side characters to the side (the manga had more development for them). Tonari no Kaibutsu was kind of OK, but I really haven't seen much reason to watch more episodes. I hear Eureka Seven AO was a disaster, so I'm not touching that. The Nyarko-san anime was enjoyable, but could have used a few more episodes and some more variety in its humor. Campione was silly, but man did it get ridiculous(not in a real good way). Sword Art Online started off enjoyable, but kinda just stopped being fun to watch. Aside from a couple of other anime that I watched, which were good, nothing else stood out. All of the other, more talked about anime just did not look fun to watch.

I liked last year's anime better, but that's my opinion. I like Nurarihyon, despite what you reviewer thought of it. It was fun to watch. Not perfect or amazing, but enjoyable. Hanasaku Iroha was really nice, and more enjoyable than most of the anime I watched that showed this year. Same with Ika Musume. And Tiger & Bunny. But I can respect if people disagree with my sentiments. To each their own, as I like to say.

As reviewers, I think we try to stay away from solely awarding scores based on how enjoyable something is; I find most harem comedy shows to be enjoyable as hell, but there is very little chance of me awarding most of the generic harem romcom fare a high grade because there's just something about cheap erotic humor that will probably never make it truly a hit. That is, you'd have to craft a very strong story or presentation style underneath it all (sort of like how the old school manga Futari Ecchi did) in order to really stand out.

I don't think any of us here at NHRV thought last year was bad by any means, especially if you take a look at our 2011 article, but I don't know if I'd compare these two years and say one is better than the other.

I see watching anime as an investment of my time, especially if I bought it. If I enjoyed watching it, then the investment paid off. The quality of any show or even game isn't objective, because you are weighing it against your own standards. There would need to be a universal, and specific, standard of good and bad for any objectivity. Is a story good? One guy would say yes while another would say no. Both are correct, as both people have different standards. As such, when I wish to determine the quality of a show, I look to how well I enjoyed it. Sure, character designs as well as acting and even the soundtrack used are a part of it, but my enjoyment is the most important. I can stomach a bad art style, cheap soundtrack, and average story if I am somehow able to enjoy the show(perhaps if it has a good sense of humor). Still, I will agree that it will drag the overall quality of the show down. But, again, I wouldn't be able to call the show "bad" if I had fun watching it. Cheap enjoyment can be good, but you are correct that it usually will not result in a "big hit". Those shows end up getting stale, and thus losing quality, as they go on.

The best example I could think of is in a video game called EDF 2017. The production values are cheap, the enemy designs are silly, the story is bare bones, and the voice acting is corny. Still, the overall absurdity of the game, the b-movie vibe that it knows it has and plays to, and the solid(if average) gameplay somehow mesh together to make a fun game. I can't call it bad because I had a blast playing it, and I would dare to call it a good game despite all of its shortcomings. A bad anime or game is not enjoyable for the person going through it, so it stands to reason that a good one is fun. That's how I see things, at least.

As for comparing the years: It's just how I feel. I liked 2011's offerings much more than last year's. I just couldn't get into many of last year's anime is all.
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