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February 23, 2018, 01:47:14 AM
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Author Topic: which should I watch? GE999 movie or show? Starting one tonight  (Read 811 times)

Offline stavie33

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Hey guys. I asked a similar question a ways back, but after reading NotGR, I've decided as an anime fan it's time to watch some of the adaptations. Saw the movie, now tonight I want to either start the GE999 show, or watch the movie. Here's the dilemma, since it's not as simple immediately as 'watch both'. The show is LONG, and depending on the content, might not be worth the time compared to the movie if only some aspects are great and lots is just eh. On the other hand, the movie apparently spoils the ending of the show (since it's the same) and is much shorter with a lot less emphasis on the apparently important side characters, who I know are involved in the climax, and I hear it leaves out a lot of what makes it really feel like a 'journey'. I wouldn't want to start the show if it's not worth it, since once I start a show I won't leave it incomplete, but I also don't want to watch the movie, here the show has tons I missed, and already be spoiled the plot and ending. If I can watch the movie and never have to see the show, that's fine, but I'd hate to be missing out on anything that someone could call a masterpiece or just even some extremely memorable episodes (I hear there is a fair amount of great content not put in the movie). So does anyone here know which is better? Or which they recommend more?

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Re: which should I watch? GE999 movie or show? Starting one tonight
« Reply #1 on: March 04, 2013, 06:29:13 PM »
I've seen the movie with a bad dub, some years ago, and I was royally confused as to what was going on.  The TV show might be the better way to go.  That, and much of the draw of the series is in the story arcs, rather than the explicit end-point of the journey of the MC.

Offline Kaikyaku

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Re: which should I watch? GE999 movie or show? Starting one tonight
« Reply #2 on: March 04, 2013, 06:40:17 PM »
I started watching GE999 almost 2 years ago with a view to review it and still haven't finished it. It's not a bad series, but I have found it very formulaic and repetitive so far. Almost every episode follows one of three main conflicts and while there have been some creative and interesting characters along the way, I am honestly having trouble getting myself to watch more. I do hope to finish eventually, but the plot has been pretty stagnant. Most of the episodes are their own stories, with a few two-parters here and there and though there is some continuity between episodes, Tetsuro doesn't really seem to learn from his mistakes.

Whether or not it's worth it in the end I can't say yet, but if you do decide to watch the series, be prepared for a very long ride.
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