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February 22, 2018, 11:36:21 PM
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Author Topic: 2DTeleidoscope's Creative Writing Challenges  (Read 1688 times)

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2DTeleidoscope's Creative Writing Challenges
« on: April 06, 2012, 07:43:50 PM »
Here's a first attempt: "drink another between night and blue"


The view before the young boy stretched endlessly, dark ocean waves gently reaching up toward a falling sky far into the horizon. Under Orion’s gaze, he furiously slid skin against skin in the biting cold in a desperate attempt to warm his already numb fingers, yet his attempts remained futile.

Curses, he thought. What the hell did I get myself into?

He looked down at his feet, following the trail of marble skin from chest to tips of toes, wondering what he had done to deserve being stripped naked in the middle of November.

“Any last words?”

A sudden gust of wind chilled his body before he could respond. He took a deep breath, gulping down the cold, crisp night air as he once again glanced up at the night sky. The young boy immediately identified one bright red star standing aloof from the rest of its radiant friends, and before long, his lips had formed the slightest of smirks; he couldn’t help it.

Sometimes I forget. You’re thousands of kilometers apart from everyone else around you, huh? You're different from everyone else too.

Turning around to look at the half-dozen fully dressed bodies behind him, he stuck out his tongue and blew the meanest raspberry he could, then followed up by shaking his frozen buttocks in their general direction, all before finally giving them a full frontal view of his—clearly shrunken—member and its surrounding bush.

The other boys burst out laughing, their ringleader taunting the boy. “It’s so small! Look at how pathetic it is!”

He ignored their derision. Ever since coming to this land, he had found himself constantly put on public display, often targeted by bullies as easy prey. Other interactions were more benign, with most individuals he had met politely distancing themselves, as if he was the tissue that they had used to wipe themselves with after finishing their evening self-pleasure session. If he had made a single friend, he still wouldn’t be able to tell: They only seemed to meet with him away from prying public eyes.

Resigned to his unfortunate fate, the boy turned once again toward the rolling ocean hills at the bottom of the cliff he and his tormentors stood upon. Inhaling deeply, he once again he partook from the evening air and fill his lungs.

He sighed. I’ll drink another between night and blue depths, he calculated, deciding when he needed to procure the sweet nectar of oxygen from the night sky. Turning around briefly, he pointed toward his nether regions and yelled: “At least I shave down here!”

“All right, you need to learn your lesson.”

But he was already flying through the air. Tendrils of wind grasped at his vulnerable skin as he plummeted fast approaching the dark sea, passing through him like needles. He opened his mouth once again—
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