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December 16, 2017, 06:05:49 AM
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Author Topic: Eureka seveN - Pocket Full of Rainbows  (Read 2343 times)

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Eureka seveN - Pocket Full of Rainbows
« on: July 03, 2009, 04:57:59 PM »

I don't really understand the fascination that the Japanese have with retelling their stories in a different, yet similar manner, with the same characters, in similar situations, and yet blow the canon completely out of the water while not at the same time.  Perhaps there's an intrinsic need for the Japanese to believe in parallel worlds.  I find the concept fascinating, myself.  The idea that there are infinite possibilities is enticing.  The arrogance of believing that we humans somehow create worlds with our everyday lives is what fuels our regrets.  After all, we wouldn't really need to wonder how things would be different if we were perfectly happy with whatever decisions we made, right?

In this case, Eureka seveN's movie is less of a regretful redo and more of a impassioned attempt to create duality.  Or, perhaps, to create a circular feeling of destiny.  This alternate world ties into the world we saw in the TV series in only the loosest manners, and yet there's a central paradigm of this world that imapacts the other and vice versa.

I wont go into the details of the movie (watch it yourself, faggot), but I will say that in and of itself, Pocket Full of Rainbows does just fine.  They get really... REALLY wordy and explanatory in places, done so they can get as much into a 2 hour period as they can without dragging things out nor making it too confusing.  Certain characters and their traits are borrowed verbatim both out of necessity and out of convenience.  After all, it took 52 episodes for Eureka and Renton to fall in love, we don't have that kind of time here.  So the clumsy courtship and, especially Eureka's general naive nature, are abbreviated heavily so we can move on.  Unfortunately, this kind of jars things a bit.  A viewer unfamiliar with Eureka seveN's TV series might not buy it.  Still, compared to the rest of the cast's tinkering, retooling, bastardization, and sometimes outright omission, it's a minor issue.

There's no complaints about the visuals.  The TV series was fairly high quality to begin with, so the movie ends up looking nearly like how episode 1 looked.  Crisp, smooth, beautiful.  Music is just as fascinating, sometimes reusing pieces from the TV show, but still making up their own for the movie.  The end credits theme alone is a trippy piece of rock that fits in with most creative styles that punctuate Hollywood science fiction movies.  Think The Fifth Element and Transformers.  Same vibe.  Weird, inspiring, fun.

Not much else to say.  I enjoyed it.  What's weird is I could have done without some of the combat sequences.  They were cool, but honestly there are points where I'm really tired of seeing quick moving camera work and even quicker moving mecha.  I get the idea that we're dealing with superweapons here, I don't need to see an epic battle every single ****ing time.  I also could have done without the rapid and unexplained Nirvarsh upgrades, not to mention it's ultra adorable child form.  And what was the point of even having TheEND in there, or even Charles & Ray's mechs?  Just to borrow old scenes or to throw them in there?  Speaking of unnecessary referential amterial:  the escape ship is called the Megaroad (Macross reference), the coordinates where Eureka was located were 0080, and 0083 (both Gundam references), and that's just the two I counted.  I understand giving nods to other science fiction anime that paved the road, but guys... Eureka seveN was, by itself, a masterpiece of science fiction.  BONES, your accomplishments are your own for creating a fascinating show, not because others came before you.  If there was no Macross and no Gundam, you'd still have been awesome.

Anyway, small beef.  The movie works.  Eureka and Renton, no matter what incarnations you see them as, are cute together.  Just **** already, will you?
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