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January 22, 2018, 09:36:19 AM
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Author Topic: Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood  (Read 91802 times)

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Re: Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood
« Reply #180 on: July 05, 2010, 09:51:31 PM »
Final Episode

At least there was no Shigurui-type ending pulled in this one.  Or rather the kind of unfulfilling conclusions that most animes seem to pull these days.  In anycase, at least this is over and it is as proper as can be.  The absolute worst parts involves Winry and the flashback with her clone since every second of screen time they had was painful.  I am surprised a smart dude like Ed couldn't figure out that such dumb sack of shit has no chance in hell of ever knowing or remembering the concept of "Equivalent Exchange."

The best thing was how the old man became the Fuhrer President since that is a guy who can avoid assassination attempts with his cross dressing skill.  (Or lack thereof).

In anycase, this was a rather disappointing reboot and if nothing else it killed time.  Then again, I should have learned my lesson on being excited over manga adaptations due to my experience with Claymore.  Well, a better version of the first FMA anime was certainly promising and I definitely don't feel the promise was kept in the end.  Overall, this was a mediocre anime to me and doesn't deserve any better then a 5/10.  Oh yes, there is also supposed to be a movie in the works and I am definitely not up for a recap version if that is the case.  (But hey, one with tons of Nazis part II sound aye ok to me.  XD)

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Re: Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood
« Reply #181 on: July 06, 2010, 10:03:28 PM »

And so ends the retake and more accurate manga intepretation of Fullmetal Alchemist. This episode isn't amazing; like a standard final episode, it ties up all loose ends and this one is no exception. It's nothing amazing per se, but it's nothing worth discussing either.

Overall impression:

This show is kinda confusing for me, not because of the plot or characters. Rather, I feel confused as to how I should feel for this show. Am I supposed to be amazed by this new take of the already successful 2003 show? In fact, the bigger questions are, why am I asking this question? Why do I feel confused for such a show? Usually, if I see a good show, I'll acknowledge it straight but this one's different. Perhaps I should narrow down my confusion into a series of smaller questions to address what I think of Brotherhood:

- I remember how this show started off on the wrong foot; that is, it starts right off the bat with the assumption that it's mostly catered for those who have watched the 2003 series. It's a blatant attempt by the writers to just rush into things without doing the proper dues to familiarizing the FMA universe to those who haven't watched the old series.

- A number of scenes that I believe defined the 2003 series, are rehashed and they aren't as good. Case in point: The scene where Nina Tucker is revealed to have been used in a chimera experiment. The 2003 version struck me hard because of the little things: the yellowish lighting, the subtlety of Edward's outrage and the execution style of the revelation itself. The Brotherhood version came off as forced and in fact, I feel that a lot of the great scenes from the old series were great because of one common observation: they don't feel forced. The result of these forced scenes is that it renders them unmemorable. For one, I kinda hate Brotherhood's Equivalent Exchange prologue compared to 2003's prologue, mainly because the latter is more subtle with its delivery.

- Maes Hughes' demise is another sore spot in Brotherhood. This case is related to my previous post: the execution is flawed and ineffective, and I prefer the old series' version because in that version, I actually feel sympathetic that he fell victim to the whole Homunculus conspiracy. In fact, with this in mind, I kinda feel that the bad execution for many of the important scenes and the clunky dialogue make me perceive the characters as somewhat angtsy (although I don't really know if this is the right word. I just can't think of any other). In Brotherhood's version, I didn't even flinch. Even Gracia and Elicia's grief didn't struck a sympathetic chord inside me once.

- The characters of Brotherhood are one mixed bag, so I'll extensively discuss what I like and dislike about Brotherhood's take on this aspect. I want to think that Brotherhood's Edward has a more complexed character but most of the time, I kinda roll my eyes whenever he's around. My petty peeves about him includes his penchant for yelling and being easily agitated, thus making him very unlikable to me. Mustang remains to be the "cool" character, and I'm also pleased that Liza has a more active role alongside Mustang in Brotherhood. The Homunculi however, is another matter: I really hate how Lust and Sloth are treated as cannon fodders, and how the strong hatred between Kimblee and Scar is (deliberately) copped out. but I'm happy with the new take on Greed (Greed and Izumi's dialogue can be repetitive to me, though), Wrath (the best one to watch) and Pride. Plus, kudos to the active roles of van Hohenheim and his fellow Dwarf in the Flask. People have been raving about how badass Olivier Armstrong is but I didn't get the vibe so I find her presence underwhelming (blame it on the writer for putting her on the political table for too long). The Xing characters - though played quite important roles in the story - feel like they are mostly plot puppets, particularly when an arc doesn't discuss the Philosopher's stone. In particular, I have an issue with May Chang: I find her role in Brotherhood important but I hate her personality to the point that she make me roll my eyes every time. Perhaps it's the disjointed aspect between her honorable actions and moe-like personality that rubs me the wrong way entirely. I think Brotherhood's Scar is better to watch because he's more understandably hateful, while the old version portrays him as a sympathetic lost soul.

- The fight scenes are certainly amazing, better than the ones in 2003. In particular, the Greed-Wrath fights exhibit BONES' prowess in making adrenaline-rushed fighting sequences and it's the same for the rest of them (especially the ones toward the end). However, the significant aspect about the fights are the fact that the Homunculi's god-mode inability kinda drives down the suspense of the fights a little (not to be confused with the tension of the fights).

- The pacing and humor are two aspects that brought Brotherhood down as well. The pacing can be erratic a number of times: anytime the episode involves rife politics and dialogue drives down my momentum to continue watching. I hate the humor, not only because many were dry to my liking but the bad timing that is accompanied with it. The gags were mistimed to the point that it unnecessarily breaks any built-up tension, and whether the gag is about Edward's height, May Chang's admiration for Alphonse or the tension between Winry and Edward, I just don't find them funny. Plus, it has the same problem of feeling forced too.

I just don't feel for Brotherhood, even though I know the show is trying hard to establish its own identity and set itself apart from the old series. To say that Brotherhood's execution is flawed and contributing that to solely explain why this show isn't that good, seems irresponsible on my side so I narrowed my concerns down to the points above. I know that I've made many comparisons between Broterhood and the 2003 version, but I also bear in mind the show exclusively on its own merit. This show gets a 6/10 for me for now; it's kinda disappointing that this is what I feel for the show.

Sorry for being tl;dr.
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