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September 24, 2017, 07:00:18 AM
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Author Topic: What films have you seen recently?  (Read 139147 times)

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Re: What films have you seen recently?
« Reply #570 on: September 12, 2017, 08:18:32 PM »
Ocean Waves(again):

Still my favorite Ghibli film by a good margin. Zero criticsms.

Hana to Alice(2004):

Oh No! It was shit...insofar as it wasn't what I wanted.

While Hana really retained her design with the rotoscoping Alice provided quite the disconnect. They did get Hana's house perfect.
What a mess. Much like the animated film, this was all over the place. Apparently, this began as a series of individual shorts, and such an intended structure really shows. This felt like a collection of various independent scenes; some powerful, some just shit. There is also a fascinatingly ****ed pseudo-amnesia(in that a character suffers a mild brain injury and those around said character lie about certain events leading the aforementioned character to question everything about his memories((when in actuality nothing is missing/displaced. people are just taking advantage of his injury to misinform him)) seemingly thrown into this series of sequences for little reason.

The first 20-odd minutes were great, it had both the Hana-Alice dynamic I love as well as Hana being weirdly endearing. Sadly, the rest of the film contained very little Hana-Alice interactions. Towards the end it even goes full-retard and Hana and Alice have a literal fight for no reason. The two are competing for a boy neither one of them knows shit about...not even the boy knows who he is.

The sequence involving Alice's father was clearly reproduced verbatim in the animation. Kinda sad seeing as the scene, while being oddly standalone(much like n this movie), was well done and served to further inform Alice's character.

Dave!? That's my name...when I allow a shortening(I hate my name regardless). So If I just go to Japan I an catch the fancy of an Alice?

The way Alice apologizes, with her fingers pressed upon her nostrils, was very much her. Great character moment.

What Alice says regarding the Ace of Hearts: what it implies(she quotes her father, who may have cheated on her Mom, in such a way that she is mirroring his very actions). I may be conflating the cheating Father from Ocean Waves.

Tuns out Hana has always been ****ed. I do lke that sapect pf her character.

Also Alice is randomly a model. And she sucks, diegetically. But somehow keeps receiving callbacks.
The secretary(?) woman at the end was so ****ing beautiful. I question all this time spent watching cartoons. The "butterfly stroke" girl was also top-tier.
I'm no dance critic but that 3-minute dance sequence was underwhelming as ****. Perhaps, had the move cultivated some sort of narrative or character arc, such a scene could have been truly impactful. I had honestly forgotten ballet was vaguely a thing with these characters. This after they had even forcibly drudged it up like 2 scenes prior.

And it concludes with Amnesia seemingly having had no lasting presence and served no purpose. Hana and Alice are just bff's again and he isn't even mentioned. 

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Re: What films have you seen recently?
« Reply #571 on: September 13, 2017, 03:28:37 PM »
Suki ni Naru Sono Shunkan wo.: Kokuhaku Jikkou Iinkai:

Apparently Zutto Mae Kara Suki Deshita.: Kokuhaku Jikkou Iinkai(which I oh so meaningfully commented upon on the previous page) extends beyond its own shallow collection of rom-com scenarios.

I guess gaiboi got his own film.
I dont remember the first film in the slightest. They seem to be greatly overexaggerating the impact the first would have

Well ****. The OP is suggesting a needless 3rd party dude. Why? If I'm not mistaken, what I praised that made the first film work so well was its brisk pace and avoidance of oppressive bullshit.
"Oh here comes generic love triangle girl"...wait she snt interested in "default loser guy(who is secretly main guy)"?

Clearly the older siblings of these character are important...I vaguely remember the design of the older sister but I have no idea about the elder brother.

So gayboi get ****ed again?
gaboi always the plot device

What a mess.
Vague Spin-off(or sequel)/10
the idea that characters are left in the wake of a previous narritive is quite nifty.
52minutes just for her to half confess then somehow back down? How is such a sequence of events even possible?
O damn. Turns out gaiboi was above it all to begin with
why even bother with his character at that point?
How m any times can you cuck the same character?

Post Credits.
And gaboi truly never mattered.
the ****?
that ntr final shot.

Too drunk and this was too insubstantial to bother to parse my thoughts. This, in whatever form the original exists, is getting an anime release in the coming months. Happy Days.
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