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December 18, 2017, 03:08:12 PM
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Anime / Re: UQ Holder (Mahou Sensei Negima 2)
« Last post by TypicalIdiotFan on November 28, 2017, 02:11:53 AM »

I'll give him credit where it is due:  Ken Akamatsu is a creative guy who isn't afraid to **** around with his characters and doesn't seem to give a shit if that bugs his audience at all.  Unlike other writers who have resorted to pandering both out of necessity and fear of the otaku's whimsical and obnoxious behaviors, he doesn't seem to give a ****.  If he wants to turn one of his female characters suddenly into a slut, just to piss off purity fags, I don't doubt he'd do it.  That's not what happened here, but he still will do things that other writers don't dare do is the point.

Unfortunately, UQ Holder is starting to become a bit of a hot mess.  He has done a good job of incorporating the Negima stuff into this one, giving the fans a little service but also weaving together some plot points that went unresolved before.  The thing is, while I don't feel like reading all of Negima is necessary, it sure might help with some of this shit.  Love Hina, too, for a couple of small reasons.  Those aren't the reasons it is turning clumsy, that's all on Akamatsu throwing way too many concepts into this blender project of his and pissing caution into the wind while doing it.  To just describe Tota right now would take a small vocabulary arsenal from the Rikka Takanashi Book of Chuuniism, though thankfully without a lot of "edge" (which is weird seeing as how limbs get severed almost every episode).

Worse, he is slipping into the pitfalls of Negima by having a cast that is way too large for his creativity to focus on.  Negima had 30 girls in one classroom.  Name five of them.  I can't.  I read / saw Negima and don't remember jack about them.  I can remember Evangeline A.K. McDowell partially thanks to this (but I could anyway).  I can remember Asuna.  I can remember Chachamaru.  Uh.... that one girl with the thing.  That's the problem, they're not memorable characters because they have zero depth / dimension.  At least with Love Hina, he tried to give Naru and Shinbou and Motoko some character, though the other girls kind of got wasted (literally in Kitsune's case).  What he DOES do well, though, is develop a main male character.  Keitaro starts out a complete loser but evolves over time to be interesting, adventurous, and kind of a dorky manly guy in a weird way.  Negi Springfield starts out a child and ends up a man of sorts.  Konoe Tota appears to be heading towards some mega developments as well, assuming the series lasts long enough to get there.
Anime / Re: Animegataris
« Last post by Gadget on November 27, 2017, 10:19:42 AM »

*Cue ED with cute anime girls dancing*
    Cause **** diegesis. This is anime. All the characters are themselves cute anime girls.

Where do we go from here?

I thought that was to save production cost.

The principal will be setting in to shut the club. I still wondering who or what is Neko sempai.
Anime / Re: Konohana Kitan
« Last post by AC on November 26, 2017, 05:46:02 PM »

Hmm, story for episode 8 was told a little awkwardly. I can clearly tell what kind of story (and curveball) they're trying to pull off, but it feels more "huh?" than "that's ingenious".
Anime / Re: Just Because!
« Last post by hyperknees91 on November 26, 2017, 02:18:27 PM »
7: Essentially yes. Natsume is such a shit character, but Eita really isn't much better.

Look I'm ok with the main character being obsessed with her I guess, but really nothing really shows why he is so obsessed other than...."Just Because" (yes you are allowed to shoot me for that). Like honestly, it's kinda pathetic in a sense. This is turning into KimiKiss.

I'll probably finish it up but this episode in general just made me want to drop the show. Just really cheap ways to garner sympathy for both girls from the director here. Like Natsume gets the short end of the stick? When has that ever been present in this show until Eita has to say it for us? The cop thing was stupid as well, but at least it was over quick and easy.
Anime / Re: Animegataris
« Last post by Zeitgeist on November 26, 2017, 01:06:40 PM »

"It's like one of my Japanese 'Sports' Animes."
           Seriousy, ever since I made the equivalencey(that sports anime are all about concentrated will and drive, therefore, any anime about will and drive is functionally a "sports anime"), I have come to love so many shows.

How do the 2 daughters look nothing like the parents?

As if Japanese Third Person isnt off-putting enough, the fact that  parental couples often refer to one-another as "Mama" and "Papa...*shudder*
The fact that their "anime" was on the level of "The Ultimate Showdown" or other such mid-late 2000's projects was just a massive nostalgia bomb.

*Cue ED with cute anime girls dancing*
    Cause **** diegesis. This is anime. All the characters are themselves cute anime girls.

Where do we go from here?
Anime / Re: Net-juu wo Susume (Recovery of an MMO Junkie)
« Last post by Gadget on November 26, 2017, 02:29:24 AM »
Moriko's head din pop? Anyway, Sakurai should get extra online credit. I'm not surprise it's getting less 'online' time. And more 'real' interaction.
Anime / Re: Net-juu wo Susume (Recovery of an MMO Junkie)
« Last post by TypicalIdiotFan on November 25, 2017, 08:20:21 PM »
Anime / Re: Food Wars! Shokugeki no Soma
« Last post by TypicalIdiotFan on November 25, 2017, 08:17:43 PM »

Actually I loved it.  Because college campuses can get kind of wild at random times of turbulent history.
Anime / Re: The Ancient Magus' Bride
« Last post by The Big Guy on November 25, 2017, 06:42:52 PM »

Way too many things happened in that episode. It needed to sloooooooooow down.
Miscellaneous / Re: What films have you seen recently?
« Last post by Zeitgeist on November 25, 2017, 05:52:41 PM »
Almost Friends:

Freddie Highmore trades in his all-to-generic adolescent ennui of The Art of Getting By for a bit of somewhat earned early-20's, post-college ennui in this film. T'was a basic little romp, seeking to appeal to "lost" and listful early 20somethings but will be rightfully dismissed by the more well-adjusted. Your standard vapid, self-indulgent bullshit which isn't worth your time.

No wonder this went without an actual release.

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