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Title: Casshern
Post by: dheu on March 20, 2007, 11:49:38 PM
I completely expected this one to be a simple bad action flick, with fight scenes and not much else.  To my surprise, it was the opposite: a weak action film with a powerful emotional kick in the gut.  It was completely depressing and hopeless.
Quote from: Spoiler
Everyone ends up dying!
And the only characters I really sympathized with were the antagonists that everyone was out to kill.
In the end, this "brainless action flick" turned out to be a dramatic and profound look at war and the evils that people senselessly carry out against each other.  The final sequence before the end, a sort of "home movie" look at what all the characters might have been and the motives that drove them, was one of the best and most moving conclusions I've seen in a long time.
On the negative side, I didn't see much of Tamayama Tetsuji.  Didn't he only have one scene?!  Mouse, you lied!  I could only enjoy his hotness for a brief time!  wryyy
Title: Re: Casshern
Post by: Sorrow-kun on March 21, 2007, 01:14:48 AM
We have [spoiler] tags now
Title: Re: Casshern
Post by: dheu on March 21, 2007, 08:34:46 AM
Damn you! Don't rain on my makeshift spoiler tag parade!
Title: Re: Casshern
Post by: Akira on March 21, 2007, 04:39:41 PM
The only thing I know about this movie is the fact that Utada Hikaru's (now ex!) husband directed it. T______T Poor Hikki. Well, poor husband. T______T

But is it any good? And does it have lots of hot guys or only one or two?
Title: Re: Casshern
Post by: dheu on March 21, 2007, 11:35:06 PM
I actually liked it.  

It was very flawed, particularly in the science department, and some things really made no sense.  The action scenes were more confusing than exciting.  So as an action movie or a scientific sci-fi movie, it is very weak.

But it was packed full of emotion and tragedy, and it had a lot of interesting cinematography.  The music was gorgeous.  The moral that it expressed about war isn't really that new, but it came across in a fresh way that worked.  As a tragic look at the terrible effect of hatred and war upon people, this really is a fantastic movie.

I've written up a review of it and just need to upload it, so hopefully we can get it up soon and you can see my thoughts more in depth.  I practically wrote a thesis on it, my review is so long!  (In fact, you could probably - seriously - write a term paper on the symbolism of different events in the movie.)

As for hotness... :3  There are one or two guys in there that I thought were hot.  Tamayama Tetsuji only shows up once, I'm afraid, but they've got Boa Boy (as I've dubbed him due to his fashionable fluffy white wrap).  He's pretty nice on the eyes.