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Title: Juuni Taisen
Post by: Pebble on October 04, 2017, 11:40:54 AM

Well, you can't complain about the production value in this one. The songs are catchy too.

As for the rest...
-Its quite overblown, for better or worse.
-The PoV narration is done well enough.
-The competition has(needs?) no sensible reason for existing.
-Writing wants us to ignore a lot of plot-induced stupidity.
-It's also fairly predictable. If it does want to be beautiful, gory camp, then I'd say it needs to disrespect its own death flags a bit more.
-Everybody, crap your hans

-As far as its place in the rest of the show goes, this episode is likely quite the waste of potential, because its first ~15 minutes of characterization into Boar eventually get dumped into what is most likely just going to be a zombie.
Title: Re: Juuni Taisen
Post by: TypicalIdiotFan on October 04, 2017, 01:12:33 PM

Well that was something.  Quite a bit more than I was expecting, frankly, which was zero to begin with.  Pebble went over the most important parts:  it has great production values and is executed pretty well.  Like many other battle royal type themes, it already suffers from one of the most glaring problems:  why?

Well, maybe that isn't important.  This is all part of an organization who are apparently ultra powerful, including having the ability to grant any wish, even if that requires magic.  Since special powers have already been mentioned, it appears that this world is like our own but with a lot of metaphysical stuff being reality.  How open that metaphysical stuff is to the rest of the world remains to be seen, but like with the Fate universe, there are several "elite families" who are regularly involved in this.  I don't know exactly how warriors such as this can ever get to know each other without many of them dying beforehand, but our Boar knew quite a few of the others.  In any event, this thing happens, this thing is important, this thing carries prestige, and it is happening and we just have to deal with it.

The rest of it is kind of stupid.  The idea of the gems is okay until they revealed that the gems react with stomach acid to release a poison in the body.  That's okay for a time limit kind of setup which is what they were doing, but the problem arose where the referee admits that the gems may react with some people faster than the 12 hour limit.  Which makes sense from my perspective as a chemist, the environment in which a reaction is carried out is pretty damn important when considering rates of reaction and such.  Thing is, if the gems release the poison and kill the participant early, how is anybody supposed to recover the stupid thing?  Maybe they're just disqualified at that point and their gem doesn't matter.  I don't know.

I'm actually okay with Boar being set up from the beginning and then getting the ax at the end.  It isn't like she's a particularly good person or anything, so her getting killed is simple karma.  Much like Shiki, one of the main characters, or what we were led to believe as such, is killed early and left the audience with a bit of a jarred reaction.  I'm not sure she's "done" yet, though.  Fading to black at the end of an episode as a cliffhanger is open to interpretation.  Someone may rescue her last minute to serve their own purposes.  Monkey maybe.  Since Monkey is the "wise" character, undoubtedly she'll be a puppetmaster of sorts in a less literal sense than the Rabbit.  I loved how Monkey talking about it put the kibosh on the idea of having people coming back to life after this is over.  Like a big fat glaring neon sign saying "WE'RE NOT DOING THE MAI-HIME / AKUMA NO RIDDLE THING, SERIOUSLY YOU GUYS".

I'm intrigued, though I am turning my brain off and just enjoying this one for pure violent ridiculousness. 
Title: Re: Juuni Taisen
Post by: Zeitgeist on October 04, 2017, 08:35:11 PM

absolutely zero interest in anything that occurred.

Apparently this was created by Nisio Isin.

Where is my Twisted Metal anime?
Title: Re: Juuni Taisen
Post by: gotarist on October 05, 2017, 12:08:57 PM

Call me crazy but I think there might be more to this one than meets the eye - I'll report back after a few more episodes.
Title: Re: Juuni Taisen
Post by: AC on October 08, 2017, 02:30:54 AM

Ooh, I lurve this show.

I've never heard of the studio Graphinica, actually (apparently it did Hellsing OVAs, which I never watched). But it works like a Madhouse, so I ain't complaining. A deliciously stylish and violent show warrant slick production values, and Graphinica is delivering it, so I'm really happy.

Story-wise, I was already expecting some plot holes. I didn't really pay attention to the whole crystallized poison thing; it sounds like constructed bullshit to me to just keep the story going. I'm just happy to see that this show is basically a bloody battle royale with good action sequences. Nothing as complicated as say, Ousama Game will probably try to be. I'm a simple viewer, really.

Seems like there are still a number of animals not revealed yet. Boar/Pig is the first victim; and Ox and Sheep/Goat are touted as favorites. Usually, when the Chinese zodiac is concerned, it's usually the Rat or the Dragon who are dark horses (not to be confused with Horse), both of which are still unknown. I dig Rabbit's Mad-Hatter rendition; that's swell. Plus, I was wondering why the entire episode was narrated profusely from only the Boar's POV, but now I know: every episode will be told from first-person view in the style of Character of the Week. I actually like this.

I say bring it on. This is fun.

P.S. I'm born in 1986 so I back Tiger (or the Ox, since my birth date is in the beginning of January but whatever). Go #TeamTiger!
Title: Re: Juuni Taisen
Post by: Gadget on October 11, 2017, 06:37:44 AM
Some how, when chicken (or actually roaster) appears, I keep thinking of a scene from  Aho-girl

Sayaka: I'm A-kun san's friend. And I'm not ready for a relationship. (Tilt head, with pastel color background)
Aho's Mom: Sluttest line in the book.

And Dog fall for it.

It seems there are some people who want to stop the battle. But with all the back stabbing, I some how will doubt it. And it seems that Boar won the previous hiding until times up. And what is going to be interesting is that the different characters will have different styles. It seems they have one fighting stle, and one special ability.
Monkey; forming connection and negotiation. Planning, putting traps, forming alliance. Not sure of combat style.
Rat; unknown
Horse; Power and speed.
Dog; alter body chemistry to form or neutralize poison. CQB hand to hand combat
Boar;Long rang MG. Ability to reload?
Rabbit;Sabers fighting. Necromenist
Dragonnknown. Flamerthrower?
Goat;explosion and traps?
Chicken;Communicate with birds. Powerful grip?

Title: Re: Juuni Taisen
Post by: Pebble on October 11, 2017, 11:17:54 AM

-Writing wants us to ignore a lot of plot-induced stupidity.
Title: Re: Juuni Taisen
Post by: AC on October 13, 2017, 05:19:23 AM

The contestants are dying even before they got to fight.

EVERYBODY, SAY WITH ME: derpderpderpderpderpderpderpderpderpderpderpderpderpderpderpderpderpderpderpderpderpderpderpderpderpderpderpderpderpderpderpderperpderp
Title: Re: Juuni Taisen
Post by: TypicalIdiotFan on October 13, 2017, 12:31:54 PM

Well, I mean, dogs are dumb, so yeah.  Also, nobody can beat the cock.
Title: Re: Juuni Taisen
Post by: AC on October 13, 2017, 06:34:14 PM
If their animal sign is representative of their character, I'm intrigued. It would make a lot of sense for other animals: the Monkey and Rat are the cunning ones, the Goat is wise, etc.

But Dragon dead from the onset? So sed.
Title: Re: Juuni Taisen
Post by: TypicalIdiotFan on October 13, 2017, 07:17:55 PM
Dragons don't exist.
Title: Re: Juuni Taisen
Post by: Gadget on October 17, 2017, 08:49:54 PM
Give a character some back ground story, then kill them.
Title: Re: Juuni Taisen
Post by: TypicalIdiotFan on October 18, 2017, 01:09:01 AM

Well, if they're going to keep this up, I don't now why we should care who wins this stupid thing.  This is just like the Grail War from Fate, it doesn't make any sense that these groups are so hard up to win the damn thing.  In the Grail War, apparently whomever wins gets a wish, but that's one person, not the entire family.  What does the family get out of it?  What do these groups get out of it?  Prestige?  To whom?  Each other?  Having big Illuminati moments like this is bad storywriting because at the end of the day, nobody can relate to any of this.  Even for "brain off" mindless fun, you can't get around the fact that most of this crap never makes a lick of sense.

But for this, we don't now any of the characters until they're dead.  Are we supposed to get to know Ox from his killing the others?  Are we supposed to root for any of these people?  They all seem like terrible human beings to me, so how can any of us actually give a shit if they live or die?  Also, why do the competitors have to die in the first place?  Wouldn't the risk of losing a highly skilled killer / warrior be a rather significant problem for many of these war economy families?  Why would they put together something where 11 of them are going to lose their monetary interests?  I'm back to none of this making sense again.

But I'm stuck with it, because I don't know who Ox, Rat, Monkey, Rabbit, Dragon... who the **** is even left anyway?  I don't really care!  I don't know them, I don't give a shit.  The narrative style is to tell us who they are and then kill them.  Great.  Since the battles are pretty stupid at the moment, with Ox literally killing Bird in one hit, we don't even have flashy action to look forward to most of the time.  Boar getting eaten and dismembered by birds was pretty cool, I guess, when it happened to Asuka in Evangelion.

I just... I don't know what the hell the point of this damn thing is.  Entertainment, making money, yeah I get it, but I mean for the audience what are they supposed to take away from this?  I don't see anything.  Great animation, shit execution.  That's it.
Title: Re: Juuni Taisen
Post by: AC on October 18, 2017, 05:06:34 AM

Meh, I never cared about the whole backstory. The point is, it's a battle royale. And battle royale is all about how each contestant bites the dust eventually.

I can confirm the pattern of the show. Every Zodiac Sign of the Week means that he/she is going to die, with some backstory to tell and his/her thinking process which would eventually leads up to his/her demise. Yes, it's becoming predictable, albeit still fun; every one of them is dying because of some under-estimation. But I like how there's a bit of karma here: Niwatori wouldn't have died had she not left the sewers, or even before that, had she not gotten Dotsuki's ability.

Plus, the following is also becoming obvious, unfortunately: they are all dying according to reverse order of the zodiac. Just look at the chart: the Boar/Pig is the last, followed by the Dog, and then (you guessed it) the Chicken/Rooster. What is the first sign (i.e. last man to stand)? The Rat, followed by the Ox. And who's next in line after the Rooster? *SURPRISE*, if you haven't seen the preview for next episode by now.