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Title: Black Clover
Post by: Zeitgeist on October 03, 2017, 07:39:16 PM

This was Naruto.
Actually, I take that back.
This was what people think Naruto was.
Arriving at the conclusion that this is ACTUALLY Fairy Tail.

It is shit.
I'd rather re-watck Kiba. or Linebarrels. Or SEED.
well I would atleast attempt to rewatch Kiba.

Rookie Seiyuu rivaling initial episodes 2011 Gon.

"mine's bigger"
"mine s thicker"
I laughed

Aint nobody got time for this.
Title: Re: Black Clover
Post by: TypicalIdiotFan on October 03, 2017, 10:04:17 PM

Oy vey.

It isn't awful, but here are some awful things to it.  I have never watched Naruto, so I don't know to what degree this feels like Naruto, but you're not the first person who has said that.  I mean, if it is just the notion of rival main characters both wanting to be the highest position in the land, that's nothing new.  If it is the "demon inside him" akin to the nine tails inside Naruto, okay, that's not a new concept either.  Naruto didn't invent any of these concepts, and it wasn't even the first media to put them all together in a single show.  In any event, it isn't awful, but it isn't great either.

The Good:  It looks nice.  Extremely well drawn with fluid animation everywhere.  I groaned at the CG chains, because we just had Handshakers do the exact same power, with CG, and it was gross there, too.  What is it with CG chains that just look awful?  The pacing is good.  They set up the world's most important aspects quickly enough and moved through a rather "by the numbers" series of first episode events.  Music wasn't awful.

The Bad: Not particularly original, as it has been pointed out already.  Character designs are an odd assortment of well detailed important characters and more minimal not important characters.  Feels like a fantasy setting, I guess.

The Ugly:  Jesus Christ the voice actors in this were awful.  Not all of them, but Asta's in particular was just ear bleeding obnoxious.  The villain at the end there was trying to go for creepy guy and it didn't fit and needed to be dialed back about 2 degrees or so.  The others I didn't have a problem with.

Not Ugly At All:  Hey, the nun was hot.  I'd hit that.
Title: Re: Black Clover
Post by: AC on October 07, 2017, 10:24:49 PM


Rivalry between a hot-headed but persistent protagonist, and an aloof but talented counterpart. And a hot chick on the side. Hmm, shounen devices done to death. I guess it looks nice and all, but Asta's constant yelling is grating on my nerves. There's always bound to be that one annoying guy, and this show doesn't take its time to tell me who that is.

Every season has a token shounen show; last season we had Boku no Hero Academia, and now it's this so I guess it's fair. I'll try to stick around for this one, if there's something worth looking forward to.

P.S. it's funny how this show keeps telling me how Asta is unable to summon magic. If anything, his only inability is to use his 'indoor voice' and just not yell at everyone (or everything).
Title: Re: Black Clover
Post by: Zeitgeist on October 12, 2017, 03:49:52 PM
Yea I said it was shit but when placed against the other week 2 episodes(as of Wednesday) I found myself reluctantly watching this.


Impressive One Piece levels of padding. You could skip the first 5 minutes and miss nothing.
Scratch that.
The entire episode was completely ****ing pointless.

This Sasuke kid is gonna need one compelling arc to justify his existence.
Title: Re: Black Clover
Post by: TypicalIdiotFan on October 12, 2017, 04:51:20 PM
Yeah, I basically was only half paying attention to this episode while watching it and felt like I missed nothing.
Title: Re: Black Clover
Post by: AC on October 14, 2017, 12:42:40 AM

Yeah, this show is as shounen as it gets. You can practically change the theme from wizardry to pirates, and this show basically becomes One Piece (even down to Asta's finally: "I'm going to be the Pirate Wizard King!").

I'm having way too much on my plate this season, which is becoming more interesting with shows that are grabbing my attention. And I haven't watched the first episode for all the remaining ones yet.

Title: Re: Black Clover
Post by: Gadget on October 17, 2017, 08:48:13 PM
24 minutes of nothing happening. My ears staring to hurt from Asta's shouting.