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Title: Breaking Anime Reviews
Post by: MudanTv on November 18, 2016, 01:47:56 AM
Hey guys,

So I have been doing anime reviews for a while now,
almost half a year with video every week and I spend a lot of time editing them not just uploading my pure thoughts.
I aim to entertain, not inform that much but then again, I haven't been able to gain an audience so there might be things that I'm doing wrong or could improve.

Here's where I'm hoping you could help me by telling things that I should improve or do otherwise.
My channels name is MudanTV and here are some of my recent videos I've made.
Hope you enjoy.

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Title: Re: Breaking Anime Reviews
Post by: TypicalIdiotFan on November 18, 2016, 02:26:53 AM
If you want to participate in this forum, do not think for five seconds that I am going to allow you to do nothing but advertise your YouTubes.  If you want to advertise your channel, put it in your sig and leave it there, and otherwise engage the forum denizens in normal conversation.  Build up enough reputation and I might let you reference your own reviews form time to time.

This is your one warning, and the only reason I am making this public instead of a private message is I want everybody else to be aware of this rule as well.