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Title: Comyu - Black Dragon in a Gentle Kingdom.
Post by: hyperknees91 on May 03, 2015, 07:38:27 AM
Another finished visual novel.

Basically think of it like Fate Stay Night combined with Swan Song, combined with a typical moege. It's got the whole strangers discovering a hidden super power (in this case giant monsters), and basically being forced to fight others who discovered the same super power. But mainly its a story about the vanity of society and morals...I guess?

Unfortunately this isn't one I can remotely recommend. Plot takes far too long to actually get going, and even when it does, it's predictable and underwhelming. Characters don't necessarily have any depth to them, but are far too static to be engaging. Some of the dialogue is well written, but overall the visual novel is most certainly bloated. Though if you liked FSN or Rewrite I suppose it's worth a try.