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Title: 20th Century Boys
Post by: Tamashii on September 10, 2005, 10:10:08 AM
This is a strictly 20th Century Boys thread, you're free to talk about the manga, spoilers, and all. Make sure you use spoiler tags, though.

...I can't really summarize this because I barely remember the details of the beginning, it's been over a year since I last read those very early volumes. You'll have to google it or ask DK!

Anyways, for those who have read the Volume 19 summaries at MangaScreener's forums and/or read the Manga-Heaven chapters of Volume 19:


Cool, Kenji's back. I wonder how Volume 20 is going to go...and if the current Friend is actually Fukubei, but only a split personality. That's a theory I heard on the forums and it sounds pretty interesting.
Title: 20th Century Boys
Post by: DarkKanti on September 11, 2005, 05:31:51 AM

You've read volume 19!!!

I've only gotten to read three chapters from volume 19!  Damn it!

Oh well.  At least we can discuss up to 19.  Too bad it's just you and me though.  But, for anyone else thinking about reading this I have one thing to say: do it!  This is far and beyond my favorite manga of all time, and it would be a shame for anyone to miss out on this.

And, yes, if you have any questions about any of the earlier volumes I'd be glad to answer them.  I started reading the series after Tama so my memory is probably better.


Anyways, yeah, since the end of volume 17 it's been pretty apparent that Kenji has come back.  I actually held out hope that he would eventually come back, and I could barely contain myself when he actually did.  I didn't think it would actually happen, but I did hope.  Now what I want to know is how he survived and where he's been since then.  There are still so many questions left to be answered.
Title: 20th Century Boys
Post by: Tamashii on September 11, 2005, 06:08:26 AM
The first time I saw him again, I was like, "OH SHIIIIT!!"
But then as the volume 18 and 19 continued, I began to have doubts. I read some theories on MangaScreener's forums and was half and half on the issue: He could be Kenji, or he could be Fukubei, or he could be someone entirely different. I wasn't too sure, but seeing the guitar and the song and everything, it had to be Kenji. I read the summary and bam, got it. There's 6 chapters of Volume 19 out, by the way. If you want the summaries, go to and look in their forums under MangaScreener Projects. There's a thread called "20th Century Boys Summaries v.18+".

Title: 20th Century Boys
Post by: DarkKanti on January 16, 2006, 12:12:46 AM

Well, it's been confirmed.  Kenji has survived the Bloody New Years.  I've read up to the the second chapter of volume 20.  Everything seems to be coming together and I wouldn't be surprised if this ended within the next volume or so.  Kenji is making his way to Tokyo, Kanna and Otcho are going to kill Friend, and Maruo has just stumbled upon the whereabouts of Kenji's sister Kiriko, The Frog Empire.  This is just too good.
Title: 20th Century Boys
Post by: Tamashii on January 16, 2006, 10:03:23 AM
Oh wow really? I was scared that Urasawa forgot about Frog boy for a sec! I gotta catch up!
Title: Re: 20th Century Boys
Post by: DarkKanti on April 25, 2006, 07:32:39 PM
Because Tama needs to know...

Quote from: Rove
See it for yourself:


(I can't say the origin of that image capture because the site contains information that is not allowed here at MR, but I'm sure most must have figured out from where it is.)

This is the link that leads to the Full Story Spoiler ( And a link to 20th Century Boys' Official Site ( (in Japanese).

Edit-  Yeah, I was too lazy to write all this up myself so I copy and pasted Rove's post from MR.
Title: Re: 20th Century Boys
Post by: Tamashii on April 26, 2006, 06:56:04 PM
I read a few words out of your post, in few of spoiling something...because I haven't been up-to-date for the past few months.
Title: Re: 20th Century Boys
Post by: DarkKanti on August 14, 2006, 08:37:19 PM
Tell me someone else has read the last two chapters before the final volume.

Do Not Read If You Haven't Completed Volume 21

Holy Shit...  Friend went on live TV and confessed to everyone that he was the cause of everything that happened and then told people that he would end the world in a week.  I had my doubts about the ending before becuase I had heard the manga would only be a volume longer, but now it seems that a volume will definately be enough.  Unfortunately, Naoki's making us wait 6 months before the release of the next and final volume.  There are still so many questions left unanswered, the most glaring of which being, "Who the hell is Friend?"

Ugh, I'm gonna go crazy waiting for this to come out.
Title: Re: 20th Century Boys
Post by: Tamashii on September 01, 2008, 09:24:32 AM
I have actually just finished the series and have to say that, though the use of telekinetic powers so expressively in "21st Century Boys" was a clear cop out, it was a very satisfying and a well-thought out series. I am very happy with what it concludes on, but not necessarily how it got there. The use of the virtual reality game was interesting, but when it started to involve telekinesis, especially with the dead Manjoume, things breached the realm of disbelief, a bad turn for a manga that had always grounded itself in realism. When we realized that Kanna's powers were real earlier in the series, I was a bit uneasy and wished that Urasawa used a different approach, which I'm sure he could have, being as clever as he is. But for this conclusion, he clearly had himself in a knot, probably grown tired of the series, and did a sloppy job in respect to this telekinesis idea.

My hope is that, in the day that an anime adaptation is made, these flaws of the manga are corrected, with of course, Urasawa's approval. This would make for quite an anime, possibly one of the best.
Title: Re: 20th Century Boys
Post by: Horsechoker on March 30, 2012, 10:44:31 AM
Such a let down this manga was. Especially the last 40 or how many chapters, just a train wreck.