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Enjoy writing? Love anime? Send in your application to be part of The Nihon Review today! We’re always on the lookout for fellow writers.

Copy and paste the entire form into your document editor and answer all questions completely and accurately. Email your response with the subject: “Staff Application” and a copy of your review/article to this address: appl… (Solve the reCAPTCHA to get the full address.)

Your application will be judged by one or more of our staff members. If you are successful, you will be contacted via email soon after a decision is made.

The Nihon Review Application Form

First name:
Online nickname:

Answer the following questions in paragraph form. (One paragraph for each question is sufficient.)

1. Which mediums/sections (anime, music, Japanese live action, blog, etc.) are you interested in reviewing or contributing to? What background knowledge/experiences do you have that would support your choices?

2. Why have you chosen The Nihon Review? How did you find this site? Are you reasonably able to make the time to regularly contribute to the site, into the foreseeable future?

3. What role do you see The Nihon Review playing within the anime and Japanese consumer media community? How can we fill that role better?

4. Optional question. What other skills can you bring to The Nihon Review? Do you have any notable experience with image editing, website design, podcasting/vodcasting or Japanese language? Also, if you have any additional comments to support your application, include them here.

Short essay:
Choose one of the following topics, and write an essay about it. Please keep responses under 500 words.

1. Anyone can write about an anime they like. Tell us about an anime you didn’t enjoy.

2. Do you have a favourite genre? What is it? Justify why it’s better than all the other ones.

3. Have you found any recent trends appearing in newer anime particularly noteworthy? Do they give you reason for optimism or pessimism for the future of anime as a creative medium? Why?

4. Name your two favourite Japanese live-action film directors and tell us what you find impressive about their works.

5. Let’s say you’re about to interview your favorite artist, musician, or voice actor/actress for The Nihon Review. What kind of questions would you ask? What would the goal or theme of your write-up be and why?


Attach an original sample review or article to your email. Please note the reviews already on our site, and try to keep your review in the same format and approximately the same size. Reviews should be approximately 400-600 words, excluding the Synopsis in Anime and Live Action reviews, which should be an extra 100 words at most. Articles should be approximately 500-900 words total. If you are unfamiliar with how the Highlights and/or Rating system works, refer to their respective pages under the FAQ section: The Rating Scale; The Highlights.

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