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Welcome to a New Year!

Happy New Year everyone! To continue our tradition of bringing light to the latest and greatest, have compiled for you our 2014: A Year in Review. ¬†Though the year seemed tepid at first glance, there were some hard cuts that needed to be made once we got down to the actual details. ¬†The opinions seem […]

Wait no longer

The Japanese Book store Chuosha has announced that a Death Note anime is scheduled to be broadcast this fall. Finally! A good piece of news in this recent dry spell of all things anime. Source: Animenation

Anime Boston’s Artist Alley is full

All of Anime Boston’s 84 Artist Alley spaces sold out five minutes and twenty-five seconds after becoming available, despite a sixty percent increase in spaces from 2005. Wow, I’m glad the demand for admission to anime cons is so low. /sarcasm Source: Anime News Network

FMA TCG out today!

Today’s the day! Artificial Human is in stores and you can buy all you want! With over 110 new cards, including a new card type (advantages), new leaders (Alex Louis Armstrong and Shou Tucker), and high-powered level-four leaders, Artificial Human is the most anticipated set to date for the Fullmetal Alchemist TCG! Another way to […]

A new leaf

Today marks the beginning of something new at the Nihon Review. As of now, we are adding a new feature that will hopefully bring new members to our homey little community. Today our main page becomes like Slashdot. What I mean by this is we (as a complete staff) will be posting anime/manga/game/music related news […]

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