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Anime that go the whole 9 yards…

…and receive a 9 for their well-earned efforts! It’s rare to see works that are damn near impeccable, but today, we present two shows that reach such heights.  The first, Cross Game, is a flawless execution of the sports genre which succeeds through an engrossing story complete with a likable cast.  The other is Last […]

The Evolution of Character Archetypes

That’s the sort of analysis that one can perform on both of the anime reviewed anyhow.  For example, Sorrow-kun points out how one can look at Princess Arete to see the frustrating situation the titular protagonist must overcome and where she stands amongst some other anime “princesses.” As for the recently-finished Sora no Woto, Akira […]

Average Adaptations

It’s almost too easy to be cynical of visual novel or video game adaptations to the point that the announcement of an anime adaptation, unless the staff behind the project warrants otherwise, is greeted with caution rather than full-blown fanfare.  And for good reason: they usually don’t live up to their game counterparts. But it’s […]

Mega Mecha Music

It’s not an understatement to say that reading people’s thoughts on soundtracks is something that brings me that rush of excitement since the background music forms such an integral part of the anime viewing experience through its interplay with the mood and emotions flowing out of a given scene. And given how hard it can […]

Two Shows From Yoshiura Yasuhiro

Though Yoshiura Yasuhiro’s works have gotten plaudits from many viewers, Shadowmage notes that while both Eve no Jikan and Pale Cocoon stand out by virtue of their art and animation, the overall execution leaves him wanting at times, preventing both shows from truly reaching greatness.

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