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Content, that is what I desire!

Zero no Tsukaima was a pleasing surprise, but Moi dix Mois‘s Nocturnal Opera was a horrid shock; or so our reviewers have concluded. One lacks content, one has content! Juxtapositions, ahh, life is intriguing.

Japan and a Few More Episodes?

Today, we induct Interlude and Yakitate! Japan into our growing database. Though both anime may be lackluster in the respective writers’ opinions, their writing itself is far from one-dimensional; not reading both would be to your lost. We’ll be back with more, and you’ll be back for more. Newsbrief JapanToday reports that Kazuhide Uekusa, the […]

The First Profile!

Give a round of applause to dheu for writing our first profile, one on an extremely famous Japanese band, Dir en grey. Look forward for more updates soon!

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