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Arigatou Akira!

As those who listened to the most recent episode of our The Nihon Revue podcast already know, Akira has announced that he is leaving The Nihon Review.  Akira joined us in 2007 to review J-music albums and live action, and expanded to reviewing anime shortly after that.  He became one of the most important pioneers […]

A podcast, a review and a report

A veritable triple threat on offer today. Kylaran and Shinmaru continue their Anime Expo coverage, with a report on anisong singer Kurosaki Maon‘s concert and panel. Kylaran and I got together earlier this week to talk about his experience at Anime Expo, and review a handful of recently finished anime in episode 5 of The […]

More goodies from Anime Expo 2011

Our extensive Anime Expo 2011 coverage continues, with a report of the second day’s activities as well as Kylaran‘s analysis of the Hatsune Miku phenomenon.  We’ll be posting links to all AX11 related articles on our (newly rejigged) Conventions page, as they’re published, so be sure to keep an eye there. Otherwise, keep an eye […]

Yet another loli security anime

AC‘s review of Astarotte’s Toy could almost be seen as a companion piece to TypicalIdiotFan‘s recent article about the anime on the blog. Both of them were left wondering just what this series was trying to be, after giving off a first impression of being a raunchy loli fanservice-fest, a second impression of a sweet, […]

First from the Spring season

The Spring 2011 season has been one of the better of recent times, and it’s now starting to wind down. Today, we have two reviews of some of the first shows to air their finales. Firstly, AC has taken a look at the third offspring of the Marvel–Madhouse marriage, X-Men, and given it a tepid […]

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