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Reimagining Excellence

Today we see two different takes on more established shows among anime fans.  The first is the much anticipated Moyashimon Returns, which has the same cast and circumstances as the first season but is presented in a completely different manner.  Sadly, this change doesn’t really turn out for the better. The second is another offspring […]

I’m not this Bubbles you say. I’m JoJo JoJo

In anticipation for the new JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure television series, Kaikyaku has taken a look at previous attempts to bottle the lightning of the epic manga with reviews of Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure and Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure (2000).  If you have any taste for flair and flamboyance, then make sure you check this franchise out.  It’s […]

A Bit of Levity to Accompany the Morality

Today we have an older, more classic title known as Future Boy Conan.  It should be a must watch for anyone who loves the medium as it is one of the earlier works of Miyazaki before he broke out as a movie director. The second is a high budget and high energy comedic romp about […]

Drama in both light and dark shades

If you are going to pander to a demographic, you might as well do it the most straightforward and honest manner possible.   There’s a real charm in the complete lack of cynicism much like in the light-hearted high school girl romp of Tari Tari. On the opposite side of the drama spectrum is a heart-wrenching […]

A Different Look at Secret Underworlds

Leave it to Urobuchi Gen to look at the dark world of assassins without the glorifying highlights of Hollywood but rather with the crushing apathy of heavily damaged humans in a world that does not care.  Though not as powerful as the original visual novel, Phantom ~Requiem for the Phantom~ provides a solid anime adaptation […]

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