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A new leaf

Today marks the beginning of something new at the Nihon Review. As of now, we are adding a new feature that will hopefully bring new members to our homey little community. Today our main page becomes like Slashdot. What I mean by this is we (as a complete staff) will be posting anime/manga/game/music related news […]

Goodbye, Hello

Today I’ve got a bit of a story to tell, and it might be true, but it is certainly embellished! See, we have had a new application sent to an administrator at The Nihon Review. However this administrator, through feverish study for his diabolical midterm examinations neglected his email. So there the application sat, for […]

Let’s not forget 2005 just yet…!

We’ve got a surprise…and it will rock your socks.

Major Update

This is our first major update of the year, so while it may be hectic, please bear with us. First off, I’d like to announce the acceptance of our newest reviewer Kurier! While his review has yet to be uploaded because it hasn’t been given a thorough run-through by Niner, it will be uploaded soon, […]

Second post of the new year

Ah, once again, let us reiterate, Happy New Year everybody! I hope you all had as swell a time as we did. Various partying, rampant drunkenness, illegitimate children, bad descisions, and the like! I know I sure did! Anyway, with that out of the way, we at the Nihon Review have some goals set for […]

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