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Gratitude and Violent Fornication

These are what I owe dheu, for her generous contribution to our “keep NHRV alive, we need $95” campaign.

If You Went to Japan

Kurier’s long awaited report on his experiences in Japan during the last days of June and the first weeks of July is finally ready, finished, done, perfected, just for you guys. There’s nothing to lose and much to gain: read it in our editorial section! Each article is as lengthy as expected, but not a […]

On the Menu: A Slice of Life

This week, Kuma delights us with an ecstatic review of Fruits Basket. In the meantime, I approve of The Pillows‘ Living Field. Two works of genius in one day. Hard to believe? Tamashii

The Day of the Devil

Sorrow-kun unveils his passion for Urasawa‘s animated favorite, Monster. Read up on his review of the anime (and even the soundtrack, to boot!). Tamashii

Pachinko Strikes!

Alas, Pachinko’s reviews are available to read! Check this out: Howl’s Moving Castle and Revolutionary Girl Utena. Tamashii

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