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If laser-wielding robots bent on the destruction of Earth (or just Japan) are your thing, then you may want to pass on today’s offering: the cute, cuddly Kanon TV series. Shadowmage gives us his very well informed opinion on a show that both looks and sounds great, and also packs a powerful emotional punch.

Remembering the Titanic

95 years ago today, the most infamous passenger liner ever to set sail collided with an iceberg during her doomed maiden voyage. Spawning a host of movies – most of which were rubbish – and filling e-bay with countless pricey pieces of cutlery and scraps of wood, the “unsinkable” vessel will forever remain one of the ocean’s […]

We live and breathe anime

We do, quite literally, with two reviews of the undeniably gorgeous yet occasionally mystifying Air. Both Air TV and the Air Movie are reviewed, offering informed opinion on two different facets of the same title – but can the movie version add anything new to the series?

Anime – who needs it?

Today the Nihon Review shows you that we are not just about anime with two fantastic reviews about two equally fantastic titles: Seven Samurai is a master-stroke of motion picture design, and is equally as gripping and exciting even when put alongside modern titles. For the musically-minded, our recent addition to the team Akira‘s excellent […]

The Good, the Bad, and the Musical.

Today we separate the wheat from the chaff with a review of the distinctly average Ray the Animation, followed closely by the excellent BECK – Mongolian Chop Squad – a personal favourite of mine and well worth checking out.

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