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Sakura and a Movie

Although we’ve been reviewing anime for years now, there’s still plenty of classics that we’ve never covered. Among them is the world famous Cardcaptor Sakura, which Shinmaru has taken the chance to write up his thoughts on. Even if you watch it in today’s age of CG and computer-generated effects, it’s bound to provide a […]

It’s Joshi Time!

Introducing our another new member to the staff, here’s Slashe! With an eye for historical and slice of life series, the Nihon Review looks forward to Slashe’s critical dissection of shows that often aren’t covered by the rest of us reviewers here on the site. For his first two contributions, he brings his analysis on […]

Best High Schools

Please provide a warm welcome for another one of our newest members: Arabesque! He’s been a reader over on our blog and a friend of the anime blogosphere for some time. We’re proud to take him in as a regular contributor to our blog, in addition to looking forward to new reviews. For his first […]

Two Classics, One New Friend

Taking a break from our newest reviews of the most recently aired anime, allow me to introduce one of the newest members of our staff: Click! A long-time forum goer and fellow anime blogger, we were pleasantly surprised to find out he had applied for our most recent staff contest. We could probably go on […]

Be A Part of The Nihon Review: Staff Contest 2013

This year’s NHRV Staff Contest has now officially started! We’re looking for two new staff members to help us with writing anime and live action reviews and/or contributing to the Behind The Nihon Review blog. Applications will be open until Monday, 11 March, so if you’ve ever contemplated joining the NHRV staff, submit yours today! It will be the best opportunity you’ll have to get on […]

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