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Kuma spoke and there was…

Fafner Mecha, psychology, kite flying in the middle of a raging hurricane, teenagers, fluff, and meat, Shadowmage’s newest review has it all!  And if you charge by credit card, you’ll also receive a collector’s set of The Nihon Review beanie babies!  That’s still not all!  You’ll also receive a super special awesome limited edition Kuma […]

Japan Sinks!

Now that I have your attention, please peruse the following: Japan Sinks by the now homeless Akira. Noir by Shadowmage (haha I’m sooooooo funny). Pumpkin Scissors by Scissor-kut…err Sorrow-kun (okay, I’m really not that funny). That is all. (””)(;,,;)(””)

Today we bring you a “9”!

Well, sort of, in that 3 + 6 = 9. royal crown has written a second opinion on Initial D. If Initial D was a term paper and royal crown was a teacher, he’d have probably given it a “D”. Shadowmage’s newest review is of the decidedly better Macross Zero. Be sure to check them […]

What do Deep River and Chipotle have in common?

Both are awesome! If you don’t know what Chipotle is, or don’t have one near you, cry, cry, you sad and poor human being. Eat a burrito while you read Akira’s review of Deep River by Utada Hikaru. (””)(;,,;)(””)

Read or Die!

You heard me. Read these two new reviews or else, because I’ve been hibernating all winter except when I update this site, and I’m hungry! Completely coincidentally, I just happen to be uploading a R.O.D. The TV review written by royal crown. Also, be sure to read Shadowmage’s new Trinity Blood review, because the excitement […]

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