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Nuggets of Joy… from Sorrow-kun.

Today we’ve got two excellent reviews from Sorrow-kun: Rozen Maiden: Träumend and Girls Bravo Second Season.  Breathe in their aroma, savor them slowly, and enjoy their delicate flavor.

A Musical Interlude….

We’ve got two music reviews up for you today: The Pillows’ Penalty Life and The Flare’s The Flare.  It’s a plethora of “The”‘s that you should definitely check out.  Enjoy!

What’s this, another update?!

Yes, indeed.  We’ve got two more tasty morsels of reviewing goodness to serve up today: ARIA The Animation for anime lovers and Kagrra,’s San for J-rock fans.  We’ve got lots more reviews on the way, so be sure to check back often!

Dir en grey takes America by storm!

FREE-WILL, FREE-WILL America and WARCON bring you the first American tour of Dir en grey, the Dir en grey Showcase Tour. Come see this exciting band live as they travel through America for three showcase lives!! Well, maybe not quite by storm.  “Three showcase lives” aren’t even really a trickle.  But at least it bodes well […]

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