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Title: Yumeria
Genre: Action/Comedy
Company: Studio Deen
Format: 12 episodes
Dates: 8 Jan 2004 – 25 Mar 2004

Synopsis: Typical loser Tomokazu Mikuri wakes up one morning to find Monae, a not so typical loli, who is naked in his bed. The strange thing is, he first saw her in his surprisingly vivid dream. He lives with his typical hot cousin and has a thing for typical good girl Mizuki. The next night, he experiences a surprisingly similar dream to the one he envisioned Monae in. Only this time, Mizuki is in it as well, and it turns out to be a battle against mankind’s enemy. Tomokazu now exists as the power source for his eventual, typical, magical, five-girl team, one grope at a time.

The Highlights
Opening Song: Catchy.
Characters: Nice chemistry, though uninspiring.
Story: Generic mahou shoujo shounen.
Adequate background: Some moments just feel forced.
Fanservice: Hell yeah.

1963, a new style of animation referred to as anime was born. 1969, the started maturing with greater orientation of drama. 1980, a need for realism takes anime to whole new frontiers. 1985, the bubble may have burst, but the entertainment industry thrives. 1996, the golden age of Japanese animation commences. With the 21st century approaching, this era was soon to end. But the impression it was to leave remained even as far as seven years later. Right? Sadly no. Cheap, tasteless, generic, and dime a dozen anime are thriving now perhaps more than ever. All that remains are the age-old conventions, which are utilized as gimmicks rather than strong storytelling devices. Anime is in decline. But enough on my personal views; I’m here to review Yumeria, an anime that is… well another generic, gimmicky, bargain bin series.

Like many anime of the eroge-based genre, there is very little actual substance with regards to Yumeria. As stated in my synopsis this series involves the typical loser and the typical bunch of attractive women and cute lolis. There is nothing beyond the characters than the predictable stereotypes. The one thing that makes them stand out is their relationships; however, there is a good chance that they have been done somewhere before to such a similar degree. None of this really got to me though as I watch very little ecchi anime. What really killed the anime was the need to add some sort of strong drama to it.

Yumeria most definitely had a generic plot. Evil invaders attempt to conquer Earth and whatnot. I mean the whole thing about attacking humanity through dreams was pretty interesting. But it only allowed for a pretty trippy battleground overall. In the end, the Faydooms are nothing more than an excuse for a fanservice series, though I’ll talk more on that later. To be honest, where the plot fell apart was stuff about the future, the head family, and the unexplained warping of space and time. It was forced, case and point.

Now about the fanservice, it is what this one is good at. I liked the ecchi in it; don’t judge me, I’m still a kid. The upside was that the girls were good looking and the execution allowed for more than enough awkward moments. On the other hand, it mixed in with the action. When it comes to an anime whose main purpose is to stimulate a guys loins pretty much, it’s far more honest to let the panty shots and cleavage roll, rather than masking it behind a serious battle and a crappy mahou shoujo story. Magical transformations are sexy and whatnot, but don’t make it seem more than it has to.

To sum things up; when you’ve seen one ecchi based anime, you’ve pretty much seen them all. If there are any reasons to see them, they would have to be that they tend to have real nice opening songs and will always leave you and your pants happy. This is what Yumeria has to it, and these would be my two points of recommendation. Anime like this have become far more common in recent years. It’s really aggravating, especially considering the masterpieces that came about not so long ago. Skim through for the theme and happy moments. But beyond that, there is nothing special about Yumeria, not on this Earth, not even in your dreams.

The Rating: 3

Reviewed by: Kavik Ryx

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