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Vision of Escaflowne

Title: Vision of Escaflowne aka Tenkuu no Escaflowne
Genre: Action/Romance
Company: Sunrise
Format: 26 episodes
Dates: 2 Apr 1996 – 24 Sep 1996

Synopsis: Hitomi is a normal high school girl, who enjoys doing tarot card readings for her friends. But when she finds out the guy she loves is leaving the country she tries to get her first kiss. But before she can a mysterious dragon slayer appears in front of her and takes her to his world, a world where wars are fought in giant robots called Guymelefs and dragons run wild, a world called Gaea.

The Highlights
Music: Kanno Yoko anyone?
Animation: Beautiful and bold.
Plot: Fast paced from beginning to end.
Characters: Well developed, but a few annoyances.

With a quick paced plot and beautiful music, Vision of Escaflowne sets itself apart many anime of the same genre. A far cry from your average and mundane giant robot actions titles, Vision of Escaflowne is set in a fantasy style world with kings and knights, and it absolutely blows the competition away.

Kanno Yoko does the music for Escaflowne and it is superb, to say the least. In short it is an awesome soundtrack, that fits with the fantasy world atmosphere perfectly. The beautiful “Dance of Curse” is just one of the many amazing songs in Escaflowne. This is definitely a soundtrack that is right up there with Cowboy Bebop and FLCL.

Couple the music with great animation and a quick paced story, from beginning to end and you have got the workings of a great anime. Escaflowne has a bold animation style that looks stunning and leaves no detail unchecked. Not only is the animation top notch, but the colors make everything really easy on the eyes as well. And, to top it all off, the story of Escaflowne never takes a break. The lack of filler allows for a seamless story that never seems to run out of gas. Not only is it fast paced, but the story is also very engrossing, emotional, and beautiful.

However, not everything about Escaflowne is as equally phenominal as its story, music, and animation. While the characters are deep and well developed, a few of them, ie Hitomi and Allen, really got on my nerves. Their romantic fickleness left me bored and irritated. It didn’t really contribute anything to the series besides a head ache and rolled eyes. The only thing it managed to accomplish was to annoy me to no end, as it seemed it was just overbearing and frustrating!

Don’t let these small annoyances deter you from watching this great series. It has incredible visuals, catchy and fitting music, and a well paced and well told story. With these qualities Vision of Escaflowne is easily one of the best anime of the nineties. No one should miss out on this instant classic.

The Rating: 9

Reviewed by: DarkKanti

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