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Towa no Quon

Title: Towa no Quon
Genre: Action/Drama
Company: BONES
Format: 6 Movies; 312 minutes.
Dates: 18 Jun 2011 – 26 Oct 2011

Synopsis: Attractors are human beings with special superpowers, and they are being hunted down by a secret organization called Custos. However, the Attractors are being protected by Quon, who seeks to save all Attractors to repent his past sins. While Quon shelters them in a haven disguised as a theme park, he learns that his efforts may be in vain as Custos, together with the employment of enhanced cyborgs known as WTOC, are slowly closing in to eliminate them once and for all.

The Highlights
What is Towa no Quon: Your X-Men in anime style and done right.
Production values: An example of BONES on a good day.
Characters: A little flat; some are not as strong as they could have been.
What the series could use: More originality.

BONES is a production studio with a mixed reputation. It is particularly known to regularly produce shows with high production values but character and plot development that leave a lot to be desired. There have been some titles that are exceptions to this observation, with Fullmetal Alchemist (1, 2) being a prime example in many people’s views. And now, another addition to the studio’s portfolio is Towa no Quon, an underrated movie series that reinforces BONES‘ reputation by showcasing solid aesthetics, but at the same time has a cast that falls short of my expectations.

If anyone has read the popular Marvel comic series X-Men, then Towa no Quon would strike them as something awfully familiar. Basically, it’s a story about humans versus non-humans, and while X-Men label the non-humans as mutants, in this series they are called Attractors. Other than that, it mirrors everything essential about the Marvel comic series: The Attractors are discriminated by humans out of fear and greed, they are led by a protective leader who is basically Professor Xavier, the Attractors are sheltered in a disguised location that is both a haven and a training ground, etc. It’s interesting to see that the series has done quite well in making such a story its own, but I wish it had taken a step further with the narrative by exploring the gray area that blurs good and evil in light of the tension between the two sides like X-Men.

Towa no Quon scores well in the aesthetics department from the onset. It’s pleasing to see a series with plentiful action sequences that have fluid animation and dynamic visuals. However, the character development is where I think the series could have done more. In particular, Quon lacks charisma as the protagonist, Shun is your typical sympathetic figure and Genji is your cookie cutter maniacal bad guy. Forgettable is a befitting word to describe the cast, a result of them having virtually no quirky traits or anything remotely interesting to remember them by.

Towa no Quon is not a bad show. As an action series, it is entertaining, and the plot becomes more intriguing, especially from the third movie on. It’s just that the series does not try to do more than what it is good at. The line that separates good and evil is crystal clear, the hero who wants to repent his sins by saving all of its kind is clichéd, the “obviously evil” villain is even more clichéd, and the series ends on a highly predictable note. It doesn’t try to experiment with the tried-and-tested “good-versus-evil” storytelling formula. In the big picture, perhaps experimenting is what BONES ought to do more these days, and I hope that it tries to make shows that not only are pleasing to the eyes but also offer something new with the content.

The Rating: 7

Reviewed by: AC


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