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The Super Dimension Fortress Macross: Flashback 2012

Title: The Super Dimension Fortress Macross: Flashback 2012 aka Choujiku Yosai Macross Flashback 2012
Genre: Romance
Company: Artland/Bandai Visual/Big West
Format: 1 OVA
Dates: 21 Jun 1987

Synopsis: While contemplating past events, Lynn Minmay goes to Macross City to perform her last concert on Earth. As she sings, she cannot help but think about Hikaru and Misa. Tomorrow, she will be aboard the Megaroad 1, mankind’s very first colonization ship. A new chapter in humanity, and her life, is at hand. But first, the current one must be brought to a close.

The Highlights
Visual experience: An amalgam of TV, movie, real life, and paint.
Music: The very songs that made the series great.
Events: 20 minutes of memories, 5 minutes of epilogue, 5 minutes of random images.

I’m not really sure what to say here really. Sure, the music is great, the animation is interesting to say the least, and fans get to see their favorite characters one last time. But that is forgetting to take one thing into account: format. Macross 2012 is a oddly edited music video with just enough new footage to make it an epilogue. The story is really only relevant to someone who has already seen Macross and Do You Remember Love?. Due to the non-narrative style and lack of any new dialogue makes the story not important unless one is familiar with the anime. Flashback 2012 comes off as almost an unorthodox tribute to Macross, which makes it hard to put a label on it.

The underlying plot to 2012 is as simple as Minmay looks back on her life during her final concert while Misa prepares the Megaroad 1 for launch. That takes up maybe five minutes of sporadic footage. The rest consists of loosely associated scenes shown out of chronological order. What one is left with is less so a clip show and closer to something like Death and Rebirth. While there is a sense of logic to a fan, it is more of a scattered psyche for anyone else, quite meaningful but in a less linear way.

What separates 2012 from Death and Rebirth, besides one being a music video and the other a psychological profile, would be the use of footage. While this movie was made prior to the continuity turning DYRL into a “based on true events” movie, this OVA utilizes scenes from what are essentially two different stories. The difference in events, not to mention the animation style, makes this trip down memory lane rather surreal, which is only intensified by the inclusion of external sources. Intermixed with the animation is live action video of a record player and marching soldiers, among other things. Along with this is some concept art by character designer Mikimoto Haruhiko, which all together raises the question of what Minmay was on while singing. But that’s neither here nor there.

Though I guess the point is, was Flashback 2012 really a necessary experience? Short answer, no. Long answer, if you are a Macross fan who has a need to see the characters one last time, then by all means. But the new footage is minimal, and is basically no more than a send off. Anyone who is that big a fan already knows of the Megaroad 1 as well as its fate. The only real draw is that you get to hear all of Minmay’s songs all together in a short time, which brings up the one truth about this OVA. This is a music video, and thus should be treated as one. Then again, the music might be great, but ultimately you can just as easily watch Do You Remember Love?.

The Rating: 5

Reviewed by: Kavik Ryx

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