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The Ideon: Be Invoked

Title: The Ideon: Be Invoked
Genre: Action/Drama
Company: Sunrise
Format: Movie; 98 minutes.
Date: 7 Jul 1982

Synopsis: The crew of the Solo Ship have become the outcasts of humanity. Being perused mercilessly by those in search of the Ideon, a weapon that they only hold on to as they know its power. However, that does not stop Karala’s father, Doba, from sending his most powerful weapons out on an all out suicide mission to claim the Ide. Judgement day is approaching for the Terran Humans and the Buff Clan, and now the Ideon has placed everyone’s fate in the hands of Karala’s unborn child.

The Highlights
Action: Gruesome.
Drama: Believable and hard hitting.
Visuals: Beautiful.
Thrill level: Edge of your seat.
Conclusion: Happiest Tomino ending ever.

I hope you have all stretched you’re legs from watching A Contact and refilled you’re popcorn. You know, forget that, it’ll ruin the moment, just pop in the tape, or DVD, (or downloaded fansub,) or whatever, for if you thought that Ideon’s first movie was something, then you ain’t seen nothing yet. Given a second chance to wrap up his series, Tomino Yoshiyuki wastes no time and puts you right in the middle of the action. I have seen many of his works, but none got to me quite like Be Invoked.

The original ending involved what was going to happen anyway in episode 39 followed by two minutes of explanation of what happened next. Needless to say, it was not really that satisfying. This time, the story begins with a revised flashback to the Kyral story from the TV version followed by a few clips from episode 38, an episode which embodies just what the Ideon is capable of. From here, the movie is 39 again followed by the last four episodes. Personally, I think the use of the big screen and larger budget did this conclusion good. I would have to say that it was the first time I was so entranced in the battles; not only did they look good, but the atmosphere of them was captured as well. Even better, a large portion of the action takes place on the Solo Ship. Between the headshots and decapitations, this movie features some death scenes that may only be surpassed by The End of Evangelion and arguably School Days(1,2). Now obviously, with a cast consisting mainly of children, women, teens, toddlers, and a pregnant women, the death count can’t be that atrocious, but hey, it’s Tomino we’re talking about.

Be Invoked does not stop at the horribly beautifully depicted carnage. All this action is backed up by a thrilling story that never loses momentum. While I always felt sorry for the crew of the Solo Ship and their hopeless flight around the universe, this was the one time I truly connected with everyone, and as characters died one by one, their suffering was tangible. I kept hoping that Karala’s unborn child would survive the movie, something I rarely do. Besides the torment of the crew, the saddest moment had to be when you see the Buff Clan’s Earth after witnessing the wrath of the Ideon’s self preservation instinct. I sat through the movie unable to accept the hell everyone was going through, just wishing for a happy ending for someone or something; that’s a sign of top notch storytelling.

For all intents and purposes, I chose not to speak of the last 30 minutes of Be Invoked; it is just too good. Needless to say, it the happiest ending ever envisioned by Tomino Yoshiyuki that I’ve ever seen (a close second being Gundam ZZ). In all of the death and destruction, one thing remains constant about life: it goes on. Immediately, I recommend this anime to fans of Gundam or Anno Hideaki’s Evangelion. However, all this anime needs to get to is a bit of tolerance for old, slow, cheesy TV series. Well it’s worth it, for it is among the greatest payoffs in the history of visual arts. I’m no expert in artistic masterpieces or how to identify one; however, I am absolutely certain that Be Invoked has deserved the title.

The Rating: 10

Reviewed by: Kavik Ryx

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