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The Ideon: A Contact

Title: The Ideon: A Contact
Genre: Action/Drama
Company: Sunrise
Format: Movie; 85 minutes.
Date: 7 Jul 1982

Synopsis: Planet Solo, a distant world in the midst of colonization by Earth, possesses most unusual ruins, which hold major scientific significance for the humans; however, a greater mythological one for the alien race Buff Clan. Desiring the power they call the Ide, the humans are forced to fight back in a desperate battle using two weapons found on the planet surface, which they name the Solo Ship and the Ideon. Escaping death once, the now crew of the Solo ship, including colonist Yuki Cosmo, Dr Sheryl Formosa, Soldier Jordan Bes, and Buff Clan defector Karala Ajiba, set course for Earth.

The Highlights
Production Values: High.
Boring episodes: Removed.
Other things removed: Some good moments gone as well.
Ending song: Very cute.

For a little over ten years now, it has become a necessity to have anime feature feminine boys and scantily clad girls. A quarter century back, the criteria would have had to be Macross level “realistic” giant robots. Take a time capsule thirty years ago and there is a Power Rangers vibe to everything. These conventions, which network sponsors often demand, can often be detrimental to a story and its integrity, as was shown with the Ideon TV series. While I am not much of a fan for compilation movies, A Contact gave viewers an opportunity to enjoy the story without being tied down by trendy gimmicks.

Being a fan of classic Trek, the graphics and animation departments of productions twice as old as me is usually not a problem. Despite this, I found Ideon’s production quality to be unacceptable. This movie is different in that regard; every cell is new as well as consistent, making battles less dull than they were originally. With these higher standards comes the best part of any compilation movie: the crap is long gone. Several story arcs, characters, and mecha that did not need to exist, well, no longer exist, leaving many of the better elements in tact.

However, being a compilation movie, there was also much that was removed. The Ajian and Kyrall stories, which addressed how the Solo Ship had been abandoned by Earth are long gone. Many of my favorite scenes were taken out as well, such as Crystal Star, the White Flag, and a hilarious sniping event from episode 30. Most of what remains is information about the Ideon itself and the dangers of it. Given that this movie was made for the fans, it was probably no big deal. I can forgive this to a degree, since I don’t have to see such poor stories like the Waft Area, Ape Planet, and Flag Star ever again.

Having watched the series first, there was no actual need to watch this movie, though, a couple of things makes the experience worth it. The fact that A Contact is nowhere a cheesy as its series counterpart, along with the fact that it builds up greatly to Be Invoked, which should be viewed immediately afterward as part of a double feature. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention the ending theme, needless to say how much I loved it. I had to sacrifice that story where the crew abandons ship on a vessel called the Crap in exchange for the actual crap to not ruin the viewing. Now, I suggest you find the two movies, pop this one in, be entertained, and prepare for the masterpiece that follows in order, pardon the lame joke, to Be Invoked.

The Rating: 7

Reviewed by: Kavik Ryx

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