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Strike Witches 2

Title: Strike Witches 2
Genre: Action/Drama
Company: AIC Spirits
Format: 12 episodes
Date: 7 Jul 2010 – 23 Sep 2010

Synopsis: The mysterious aliens known as the Neuroi are back in the Gallian theatre and are causing mayhem in the cities of the continent. In order to save the region and the world from this menace, aerial combat specialists known as witches are put back into commission. Even the aged Striker captain Mio Sakamoto plans to return to the battlefront despite her fading magical abilities. Compelled by the distress of her friends and of humanity, Yoshika Miyafuji returns the front lines to put an end to the long war between Neuroi and mankind.

The Highlights
Panties: For the television plebes; buy the Blu-rays to get tits, bare bottoms and perhaps more.
Story: Think season 1 except with occasional “guest” characters.
Animation: Good aerial sequences though the CGI bits are obtrusive.

There comes a point where it’s pointless to criticize an anime that so boldly goes out and owns up to its absurdity. Strike Witches has created a world where girls do not wear pants. Period. Uncovered panties are the aesthetic acme of its strange alternative WWII era world, and no amount of firebrand criticism, hate mongering or feces flinging will change the show in any way. The anime wears its rather breezy underside with pride and so long as you can accept this fact, Strike Witches 2 is a mindless but oddly entertaining 12 episodes of religious pandering.

For those who don’t know about the first season, the show is infamous for both its panties and character designs where cast members who are 19 but don’t look like a day above 12… and then there are characters who probably are 12. So, if this not your cup of tea, don’t watch Strike Witches 2 unless you’re deathly drunk and ready for an onslaught of insanely stupid (but comical) Japanese perversion.

An unscientific deconstruction of the series will show that it’s 25% action, 25% slice of life and 50% panties. The action is exceptionally well done and the various character interactions are cute, but expect to see the camera somehow find its ways between a girl’s legs. It’s rather incredible how the show manages to sneak in so many panty shots with such surgical accuracy. While waiting for a GIF to load, I’ve learned the show actually holds the image of a character’s panties a tad longer than any other part of a motion, making damn sure that the intricate details of the buttocks and the hint of a cameltoe sears into both your conscious and subconscious minds. For those who want more than just a tease, the real moneyshots like the *censored*, *censored* and *censored* require an investment in the Blu-rays.

If you’re wondering why I’ve just spent almost an entire paragraph talking nothing about panties, it’s because that’s what the show is really about. Yes, below all the frills is a passable monster-of-the-week action series where the characters grow and learn about themselves through their vicissitudes; however, the gratuitous fanservice is the real clincher of the series. The point of the show is to take something benign like witches riding on a broom and somehow sexualize it to create both comedy and softcore porn. The thing is that the show can be quite funny, and this with some exceptional aerial sequences and decent directing make the overall experience passable.

The reason Strike Witches does so well even compared to anime of the same stock is because it is actually a well produced show that is has a concept novel enough not to be boring. Usually, each episode rolls with a very simple narrative that has a decent balance of comedy, drama and action, topped off with a nice little moral. It’s actually a very safe form of storytelling that is – sadly – exceptional when compared to most else available in anime today.

The Rating: 5

Reviewed by: Shadowmage

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