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Steel Angel Kurumi

Title: Steel Angel Kurumi
Company: OLM
Genre: Action/Comedy
Format: 24 episodes
Dates: 5 Oct 1999 – 4 Apr 2000

Synopsis: Using a technology not of this world, a brilliant scientist creates a weapon known as the Steel Angel. However, when his strongest and most mysterious creation is awoken by a young boy, the Steel Angel Kurumi and her new master, Nakahito, embark on a journey to answer the question: How were the Steel Angels made, and for what purpose?

The Highlights
Fanservice: Enough to satisfy even the most perverted of anime viewers.
Artwork: Brightly colored and well detailed.
OP Song: Generic Jpop fluff.
Characters: One-dimensional and straight off the cookie cutter.
Pace: 15 minute episodes work quite well for this series.

We all know the old story: Boy meets robot girl. Robot girl falls in love with boy. However, boy is too shy to do anything about it. Steel Angel Kurumi follows a long line of anime of the same concept: Chobits, Buttobi CPU, etc. While, it doesn’t do much to stand out from anime of the same concept it does so with much brighter artwork and a quicker pace. Unfortunately it’s not enough to drag SAK out of the deep, deep hole it’s dug for itself.

The first thing you’ll be assaulted with by SAK is the opening song. Besides absolutely screaming “generic J-pop,” it’s grating on the ears and you’ll likely find yourself reaching for the fast-forward button every time it comes around. Of course, after the opening the second assault on your senses comes from the gross overuse of fanservice. Believe me when I say I don’t mind fanservice in moderation, but even my iron resolve was tested with some of these boob and panty shots. Of course, both these flaws are easily forgivable as they can be either skipped or ignored fairly easily. However, it was the cliche and one-dimensional characters that really did SAK in. Take almost any character from Steel Angel Kurumi and you can find that character in just about any harem anime out to date.

It’s not all bad though; the fight scenes are fairly creative, and I found myself laughing at a good percentage of the jokes. However, what really made SAK tolerable was the quick pace it set for itself with its fifteen minute episodes, and the beautifully detailed artwork. The story itself isn’t too bad either, but unfortunately it took a turn for the worse at the end when it tried to be too dark. The end result was a terribly melodramatic and yawn-inducing ending.

As anime goes Steel Angel Kurumi is really nothing all that special. It does almost nothing to break any molds or push any envelopes. SAK is, at best, a lackluster guilty pleasure… a pretty one, but still lackluster.

The Rating: 4

Reviewed by: DarkKanti

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