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Steel Angel Kurumi II

Title: Steel Angel Kurumi II
Genre: Comedy
Company: OLM
Format: 12 episodes
Dates: 12 Apr 2001 – 28 Jun 2001

Synopsis: Set 75 years after the first Steel Angel Kurumi, Nako, a descendant of Kagura Nakahito, accidently awakens Steel Angel Kurumi, this time with a Mark II Angel heart. With new weapons and new friends, how will Kurumi and her sisters adapt to this new world and their new masters?

The Highlights
Character designs: A few changes are most definitely for the worse.
Plot: None really to speak.
Fanservice: Ugh, frivolous and unappealing.
Characters: What little personality the characters had in the first series is now completely gone.
Music: Annoying generic pop.
Redeeming values: 0.

“Hate” is a very, very strong word. Unfortunately “hate” is not quite a strong enough word for Steel Angel Kurumi II. I’m honestly amazed at just how bad this series actually is. Sure, the first Steel Angel Kurumi wasn’t the best anime out there, far from it, but it managed to at least entertain on a very basic level. The only thing its sequel knows how to do is frustruate and enrage.

My main problem with Steel Angel Kurumi II is that it doesn’t even try where its predecessor failed. There’s absolutely no plot. Kurumi comes back after 75 years of inactivity and falls in love with her new master: a young girl, and of course, she has to fight off the other angels who come to claim her master as their own. That’s about it. For 12 episodes. And, no you didn’t hear me wrong, Kurumi’s new master is not only fourteen, but also a female. Yes, pedo loli for everyone. Not only that, but SAK II takes every chance it gets to show the happy couple naked together in a bath or randomly topless for some reason. Can you scream “frustratingly annoying”? And, as in the first series, the music is irritatingly poppy and just as grating as ever.

The most annoying thing about this sequel though isn’t the lack of story or the terrible and disgusting overuse of fanservice, but the terrible way the characters have been stripped of everything that made them unique in the first series. Sure, it wasn’t much, but there were a few characters that were actually interesting before. However there is none of that in Steel Angel Kurumi II. Point in case: Karinka. Easily the most likable character from the first series, Karinka was a bit of a stereotype, but she was entertaining enough to the point where it didn’t matter. However, after changing her hairstyle from her original spiked-up style to, of all things, curly pig tails, she became nearly devoid of that fiery passion that made her so likable in the first place. Any sign of entertainment is immediately stamped out in Steel Angel Kurumi II.

I sat and thought, and unfortunately, after much deliberation I found absolutely no redeeming qualities for Steel Angel Kurumi II. Not once did I laugh, not once did a fight scene surprise or manage the raise of an eyebrow. To put it bluntly, this is just plain bad. No amount of severe head trauma will ever make me forget this most terrible experience. Do yourself a favor and pass on this sequel.

The Rating: 1

Reviewed by: DarkKanti

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