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Slayers Premium

Title: Slayers Premium
Genre: Action/Comedy
Company: Kadokawa Shoten
Format: Movie; 30 minutes.
Date: 22 Dec 2001

Synopsis: After their adventures in Slayers Try, Lina and Gourry head off to a seaside town for a little R & R. Their hard earned vacation is interrupted when Gourry becomes cursed by eating octopus meat. Now, Gourry can only speak the language of the octopus. Gourry isn’t the only one in the town who is cursed, and if a cure can’t be found, Gourry won’t be the only one who will be in big trouble.

The Highlights
Characters: All the most notable ones are here.
Plot: Feels like a self-contained episode of one of the Slayers anime.
Comedy: Works; is mostly centered on the octopus language.

With any popular anime there is always someone out to make an extra yen off the success of previous installments and the Slayers series is no exception. Slayers Premium takes place after Slayers Try and features many of the more popular characters from the franchise including Lina, Gourry, Zelgadis, Amelia, and Xelloss. Breaking with tradition, Naga is left out of the cast, which certainly helped Slayers Premium become one of the better Slayers movies.

What really made Slayers Premium better than the other forgettable Slayers movies we’re all used to is the humor. The jokes mainly involve the octopus language and are quite funny, if not lacking in variety. I laughed hard while watching Slayers Premium, which is more than I can say for the other Slayers movies that they insisted on making. It’s the comedy, stupid. We do not watch Slayers movies for a glimpse of the characters or the “pretty” artwork.

At thirty minutes long there was no room to add anything of importance to the franchise. Slayers Premium is really nothing more than a typical filler episode of one of the series, hilarious, but serving no purpose except to kill time. If you are in need of a quick laugh, or you need something to show others what Slayers is all about, Slayers Premium fits the bill. Just don’t expect any earth shattering revelations about any of the characters.

The Rating: 5

Reviewed by: Kuma

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