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Silent Mobius

Title: Silent Mobius
Genre: Action/Drama
Company: Radix/Sotsueizo
Format: 26 episodes
Dates: 7 Apr 1998 – 29 Sep 1998

Synopsis: In the year 2023, Tokyo is under attack by interdimensional beings known as “Lucifer Hawks.” Enter the AMP, an all-female police unit dedicated to fighting the Lucifer Hawks using paranormal powers of their own. Katsumi Liqueur, a former secretary who has inherited her father’s magical powers, is the newest member of the AMP. What secrets does Katsumi hold, that will turn the tide of the war one way or the other?

The Highlights
Character Designs: Cool.
Plot: Poorly written with too much filler and some unresolved conflicts.

Silent Mobius starts things off right, with a kick-butt intro sequence that shows all the members of the AMP in action, while displaying personal data. The intro animation is perfectly timed to the very cool song, “Kindan no Panse”, sung by Ishitsuka Saori. From there, we are presented with a gritty, cyberpunk representation of Tokyo, that helps set the mood for the show. Masaki Tanaka’s character designs fit perfectly with the grim Tokyo setting, not to mention his female police outfits are about the coolest ones I have ever seen. So far we’ve got the makings of what can only be an excellent cyberpunk story, right?


After Katsumi is introduced, the story proceeds to go nowhere, up until around episode eighteen. Most of the episodes are borderline filler, where either the AMP fights the “Lucifer Hawk of the week,” or some small progress is made in one of the AMP girl’s love lives. Even though the action is decent, these episodes are about as fun to watch as drying paint. To Silent Mobius’ credit, time is taken during this expanse of filler to explain the backgrounds of all the members of the AMP. Even with all this character background, most of the dramatic moments fall flat due to poor writing.

When the plot finally did start to go somewhere, I began to have some small glimmer of hope. Once again I was disappointed. Not only did the characters begin to grate on my nerves, everything is left completely open-ended. It was bad enough that they decided to insult the intelligence of every anime fan with a “non-ending,” but the fact that they made us sit through twenty six sleep inducing episodes to get there is simply appalling.

The only way I can imagine anyone getting any entertainment out of Silent Mobius is if they eat, drink, and sleep cyberpunk. Do androids dream of electric sheep? If they do, they will have plenty of time to do so while they “watch” Silent Mobius.

The Rating: 4

Reviewed by: Kuma

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