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Seikon no Qwaser

Title: Seikon no Qwaser aka Qwaser of Stigmata
Genre: Action
Company: Hood Entertainment
Format: 24 episodes
Dates: 9 Jan 2010 – 19 Jun 2010

Synopsis: St. Mikhailov Academy is not the kind of place where one would expect anything fantastic to happen, but underneath lies priceless artifacts of unimaginable power. This is where unsuspecting student Oribe Mafuyu finds herself in the middle of a vicious battle between magical humans known as Qwasers. As the struggle intensifies, Oribe and her friends will have no choice but to be caught up in a struggle utilizing the power of elements and the power of breast milk.

The Highlights
Plot, characters, and themes: Nonexistent.
Eroticism: Kinky and uncomfortable.

Were I to ever meet the team that made Seikon no Qwaser possible, I’m unsure whether I would give the man who greenlit the project a beating or congratulate the staff on making something so audaciously harmless. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a show trying so hard that I forget how offended I was while watching. How I wish I could hold this anime up on audacity alone (one sulfur related joke was all it would have taken). Unfortunately while this anime proves to be amusingly inept at times, most of the time, it’s just inept.

Seikon no Qwaser is part of a new breed of anime, in the same line of infamous shows such as Queen’s Blade and Fight Ippatsu Jyuuden-chan; a most fascinating kind of excess, even by sexploitation standards. The show is effectively one triple F gimmick supported by a brazier of at least a dozen different subgimmicks. The funny part is that the fetish people tuned in for is not the fetish that permeates the greater part of the series. More than a lactation fantasy, Seikon is a exercise in rapeplay. While the show makes the point as to why breastfeeding is so vital to the plot, let’s not fool ourselves. The real gimmick to this universe is that no one carries around mace, and milking just so happened to be the word of the day.

Now to be fair, this is still a narrative, and still has the right to be treated as such. Unfortunately for Seikon, there is not much to talk about in that respect. The story itself is little more creative than a children’s Toku, and certainly less colorful. If the above paragraph didn’t make it clear enough already, then let it be known that effectively every character in this series is either a rapist or a danger to themselves and others. The awkward thing is that I keep getting the feeling that this show desperately wants to be taken seriously. On principle, the production team should know better than to mix sexual fetishism and dramatic presentation and still expect anything more than a softcore porn with a slightly more coherent narrative structure. Not to say that they had no chance, but there is little to expect when dealing with unconvincing story elements and unbelievably clumsy direction.

Being pretty much a rape fantasy, Seikon no Qwaser is already in poor taste, and this is before the issue of clumsy directing is addressed. That, coupled with the show’s fanservice (if it can even be called that) means that what this anime provides ceases to be pleasurable and ends up being just plain uncomfortable. The aura of oddity is weird enough when the full blow S&M element (involving a gothic lolita and her butch lesbian slave) is portrayed in the light of comic relief. However, when things get to a point (and they do quickly), moments such as a pair of adult male twins joyfully taking part in drinking a high school student’s breast milk do little to differentiate this anime from some F grade Euro-trash porn.

This is not to say that Seikon no Qwaser is sickeningly atrocious. Atrocious yes, but sickening? This anime is too insignificant for that. Any contempt I may have for this anime quickly dissolves into laughable pity when I realize that the production team can’t tell Russian Orthodoxy from Roman Catholicism. Even its so obviously cynical means of garnering viewers and DVD sales seems like a no issue, probably because there is not much of an anime otherwise. I would congratulate it on not leaving me totally offended at its utter ineptness. But that would require me actually caring enough.

The Rating: 3

Reviewed by: Kavik Ryx

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