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Rosario + Vampire Capu2

Title: Rosario + Vampire Capu2 aka Rosario to Vampire Capu2
Genre: Comedy/Action
Company: Gonzo
Format: 13 episodes
Date: 1 Oct 2008 – 24 Dec 2008

Synopsis: Life in Youkai Academy returns to normal after the debacle between the school’s student council and Aono Tsukune’s newspaper club. In the new school term, there seems to be a freshman who bears a grudge against Akashiya Moka. Who is she, and how will she affect the life of Tsukune and his group of youkai friends?

The Highlights
Kokoa: Adds nothing to the show.
Expectations: The routine harem comedy, with some priceless moments of hilarity.
Plot: Don’t expect too much; it’s all over the place.
Side characters: Deserve as much attention as the main characters.
Opening Sequence: Bring back the Disco Fever!

On one hand, there are anime with multi-dimensional characters and original concepts, that I’ll naturally enjoy watching. On another, there are anime with trite personalities and a concept as overused as the words “I’m sorry”, and I normally despise watching. Then there’s Rosario + Vampire Capu2, a follow-up to Rosario + Vampire, that screams of harem tropes such as the usual male loser who consistently gets horded by horny undead nymphs. Yet, like the first season, it’s a series that I know I’m blatantly lying about if I said I didn’t enjoy watching, even though it’s clearly an asinine series. If you have watched the first season, then it shouldn’t come as a surprise that there’s not much new to hope for. Yes, the run-of-the-mill comical harem moments are definitely there, but that’s all there is to it. Even the inclusion of a new character doesn’t help spice up the plot one bit.

It’s only natural that a sequel is expected to be as good as or even better than its predecessor, but history has shown that many sequels don’t live up to expectations. Capu2 apparently tries to outdo the first season by including a new character, Kokoa, in hope of spicing up the bland premise and even thickening the plot. It’s sad to see that she is immediately dumped to the sidelines upon her debut and would only be of use as a plot device, concocting situations that ironically cater for the regular characters, and then getting left out in the cold. Furthermore, Kokoa is outshined by the regular characters in terms of personality, where her brattish demeanor and that all so familiar tsundere air surrounding her is awfully stale in comparison to the regulars and their enjoyably kooky traits.

Just like the first season, the routine absurd situations that the gang gets into come one after another and the predictably convenient solution – yes, the part where Tsukune unwittingly releases Moka’s rosary followed by her fanciful transformation – inevitably follows each time. Furthermore, scenes where Tsukune miraculously recovers from attacks that would kill any human being, be it a blow to the head by a humongous spiked club or getting hurled into walls so hard that craters are formed – remain unexplained. Although this is obviously a deus ex machina to begin with, it ruins the climax of certain scenes, including the final episode. Capu2 is given a sour aftertaste with occasional lame comedy that mars a few episodes (villains that use curry dishes as projectiles?).

Despite the tropes and hackneyed story, Capu2 does have its redeeming qualities. Side characters still remain to be a reason to stay tuned to every episode, particularly the succubus Kurumu who eventually steals the limelight with her lustful ways and her bouncing boobs. Furthermore, Capu2 has more priceless moments than the prequel. Lastly, I know that a handful of people will agree with me when I say that the opening sequence is one of the grooviest in recent times. The crisp animation, the disco dance moves, the glitz – it’s hard not to like it and it can even be addictive to watch and listen to.

Capu2 follows the same path as other sequels that don’t offer anything particularly outstanding despite the occasional laugh-out-loud moment. People who have watched the first season would have a sinking feeling from the start, knowing that Capu2 would be nothing more than tried-and-tested comedy, and Capu2 doesn’t “disappoint” them in a very ironic way. I admit enjoying the series from start to finish nonetheless, but I also admit that I was hoping for more originality as well, which is nowhere to be seen.

The Rating: 4

Reviewed by: AC

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