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Project A-ko OVA

Title: Project A-ko OVA
Genre: Comedy/Action
Company: Soeishinsha
Format: 3 OVA
Dates: 21 May 1987 – 21 Jul 1990

Synopsis: The alien plot to abduct C-ko has been thwarted, but the rivalry between A-ko and B-ko continues with devastating effects for Graviton City. When B-ko’s father tries to sell his daughter’s mecha inventions to the military, things are getting even more confusing. A-ko’s quest for a boyfriend leads to more mayhem, and when the aliens try to return to their homeworld, the chaos is complete. Can the world’s strongest schoolgirl stand up to the new challenges that lie ahead?

The Highlights
Quality: Worthy movie successor.
Characters: Hilarious new characters.
Animation: Great for an OVA series.
Plot: Same flaws as movie.
Humor: Sometimes too tasteless.

The Project A-ko OVAs pick up the story where the movie left it: right in the middle of the action. The first OVA A plot of the Daitokuji Financial Group revolves around B-ko’s equally megalomaniac father, Cinderella Rhapsody shows what happens when A-ko goes looking for love and Final brings the aliens’ plot to a solid conclusion. Everything is tied up nicely and brought to an end worthy of its legacy.

The movie alone had its share of funny characters, but the OVAs add a whole new cast of hilarious people to the scenery. Virtually everybody is an over-the-top version of some famous anime character or stereotype. After the Daitokuji OVA, shows like Power Rangers will never look the same to you again. Even some Hollywood clichés like James Bond are given a hearty whack, and most of the time, the humor even appeals to a wider range of audience than in the movie. Best of all, however, is the fact that the animation is almost up to par with the big screen A-ko. The introductory scene of Cinderella Rhapsody alone is a sheer masterpiece, and except for a few scenes of super-deformed humor, it never loses its touch. Great job!

Unfortunately, with the all the strengths of the movie, the Project A-ko OVAs also suffer from the same flaws: with only little understanding of classic anime, some of the humor doesn’t work at all. A Fist of the North Star parody culminating in a hilarious fart joke absolutely doesn’t connect if you don’t know what happened during the same situation in Fist of the North Star. The humor is also a great deal more tasteless in general now, including a grown man wearing girls’ leather underwear, unusual sexual fetishes and another fart joke that is even cornier than the first one. If you didn’t like American Pie and Scary Movie, this humor is probably nothing for you.

All in all, the Project A-ko OVAs are every bit as good as the movie… and every bit as bad. They will definitely appeal to all the fans of the parody genre, and like the movie, much of the humor will be lost if you don’t know what it’s mocking. The more anime you already know, the more you’ll laugh at A-ko’s and B-ko’s antics, and in time, you might even learn to endure whiny C-ko. And if you’ve ever longed to see Superman cry, this is what you’ve been looking for. Give it a try.

The Rating: 8

Reviewed by: Taleweaver

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