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Project A-ko

Title: Project A-ko
Company: Soeishinsha
Genre: Comedy/Action
Format: Movie; 80 minutes.
Dates: 21 Jun 1986

Synopsis: Sixteen years after it was destroyed by a meteor, Graviton city has been rebuilt. Within the city, there are three high school girls, A-ko, B-ko and C-ko. A-ko and B-ko are constantly at odds with each other, battling for C-ko’s friendship, A-ko with her superhuman strength and B-ko with her robotic suits and gadgets. One day a giant spaceship comes and abducts C-ko. Will A-ko and B-ko put aside their differences to fight a common enemy?

The Highlights
Comedy: A few genuinely funny moments.
Characters: Aggravating and shallow.
Plot: Minimal and ultimately pointless.

I will be blunt, Project A-ko is an utterly pointless and stupid anime. Now my expectations were not high to begin with, but I at least expected to be able to laugh a little and see some decent fan service. Needless to say I was disappointed on both accounts.

I will be totally fair, there were two or three moments where I did actually laugh out loud, but I cannot even discuss them for fear of ruining the only good parts of this sorry, sorry anime for the few people who are masochistic enough to watch Project A-ko despite my warnings. There were not even a lot of times where the directors tried to insert humor. Apparently they must have thought that we would all rather watch A-ko, B-ko and C-ko’s boring days at school than actually laugh at some character antics. Or maybe they were trying to be funny and did such an awful job at it that I could not even tell. Further speculation is pointless.

I am not a big fan of fan service, especially when there is no plot or meaningful characters to back it up. There was a lot less fan service than I expected from hearing people discuss Project A-ko. It’s not like I was expecting fan service on the level of Najica Blitz Tactics or Golden Boy (or actually wanting that much T&A) but Project A-ko does not really have enough good fan service to qualify as a decent fan service anime. Or maybe the directors tried to make Project A-ko very fan-servicey and did such a bad job that I could not even tell. Further speculation is also pointless.

From a historical standpoint, Project A-ko is Central Park Media‘s first anime video release. As bad as it is, Project A-ko stands as a reminder to how far the American anime industry has come and I for one am thankful for that. The scariest thing about Project A-ko is that someone had the gall to create not one, but three sequels to this awful mess. You can count this anime-reviewing bear out for all of them.

The Rating: 1

Reviewed by: Kuma

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