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Oh My Goddess!

Title: Oh My Goddess! aka Ah! My Goddess aka Ah! Megami-sama
Company: AIC/Kodansha
Genre: Romance/Comedy
Format: 5 OVA
Dates: 21 Feb 1993 – 17 May 1994

Synopsis: Morisato Keiichi is your average college student – poor, hungry, and unfortunate. One day his luck takes a turn for the better, when a wrong number connects him to the Goddess Relief Office. A beautiful woman named Belldandy appears before him, claiming to be a Goddess and promising one wish. His wish? That she would be his girlfriend forever! Struck suddenly with reality, an unknown force guides Keiichi and Belldandy away from anything that could separate them. Yet when that force suddenly disappears and strange disasters begin to occur and try to break them apart, the time may come for them to decide whether to accept fate or create their own destiny.

The Highlights
Romance: Makes you feel warm and fuzzy.
Animation: A real treat for the eyes.
Music: An equally satisfying treat for the ears.
Story: Fast paced, short – but well worth it.

Oh My Goddess! was one of my first experiences with anime, and as an otaku of eight years I can still say I highly recommend it. While there are a few flaws, they should be blatantly obvious even before you start watching. As on OVA series of only five episodes, of course the length is going to present issues – namely development of the plot and characters. I feel that although fast paced, it suffices adequately enough that the viewer is not left begging for more. The length of the series does retract from “deep” character development, but that doesn’t make them any less entertaining.

Fujishima Kosuke created some of the most loveable bunch of characters you’ll ever come across. Take your Goddesses for example. While not necessarily realistic, they add a lot of fun to the show. Belldandy, the female protagonist, is the epitome of – what I think would be – what a guy would wish for if he could have a “Goddess” of a girlfriend. How she reacts to her surroundings, especially with Keiichi makes her an unforgettable character, perhaps one of the most well known characters of any anime. Furthermore, how her and Keiichi interact makes for a truly innocent, sweet romance story. Keiichi himself is a well done character as well, true-to-life and also is more honest and straightforward as compared to other leads in harem or harem-esque genres. Even Keiichi’s dorm mates, who play a fairly minor role, are so entertaining and enjoyable that the series wouldn’t be the same without them.

Not only did Fujishima-san think up these entertaining characters, but illustrated them as well. As far as animation is concerned, I think his style is one of the most aesthetically pleasing. Character designs as well as backgrounds are superb, and you seldom come across any recycled cels. Music as well is astounding, going well with the happy-go-lucky feel that most of the OVA pertains to. I feel especially strong about the ending and opening themes, the opening easily making my “top ten anime songs” list.

While the story does develop rather fast, I think Oh My Goddess! is one of the more skillfully done romance anime. For lack of a longer series, a sacrifice of progressive story and character development is complemented by a void of pointless side stories and plot devices. Furthermore, the ending is done well enough that it leaves the viewer satisfied. If romance or comedy is your cup of tea, then Oh My Goddess! is right for you.

The Rating: 8

Reviewed by: Godai

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