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Mobile Suit Gundam

Title: Mobile Suit Gundam aka Kidou Senshi Gundam
Company: Sunrise/Sotsu Agency
Genre: Action/Drama
Format: 43 episodes
Dates: 7 Apr 1979 – 26 Jan 1980

Synopsis: In the year Universal Century 0079 the Earth Federation and a group of space colonies who call themselves the Duchy of Zeon are at war. Both have suffered an untold number of casualties, each losing about half of their respective populations. When a small Zeon force stumbles upon the secret weapon of the Federation, a young Amuro Ray gets caught in the middle and ends up piloting the Earth Federation’s secret weapon, the Gundam.

The Highlights
Story: Engaging war story.
Filler: Occasionally interrupts plot.
Characters: Well developed with a good amount of background.
Animation: Outdated.

Mobile Suit Gundam is one of the most influential anime of the mecha genre. Spawning series after copycat series and a veritable truckload of merchandise, MSG has quickly become a legend in the anime world. Argued to have started the giant robot boom of the early eighties, no one can deny its historical significance to the anime world. But the question remains: “Does MSG deserve its praise?”

Often times, the best series are the ones that are plot driven. MSG is very much a plot driven series and is an exemplary case for this statement. Essentially, this is a war story. But, it’s also so much more. It’s an insight on the human soul, a love story, an action series, and most of all a thrilling story showing the effects of war on people’s lives; people who are easy to connect to and leave you caring what happens to them in the story. MSG excels at characterization, providing commendable development to characters on both sides of the war. Top off the drama with some beautifully choreographed action scenes and what you have is an engrossing experience.

Unfortunatetly MSG‘s animation doesn’t age as well as its story does. Reused cels and sloppy artwork plague this series, making it hard on the eyes at times. Its greatest flaw, however, isn’t it’s animation at all. Occasional fillers jolt the flow of MSG’s plot progression. When a series is as plot driven as this one, it’s very annoying when the plot is broken up by a couple of filler episodes. Although, they come few and far between, the fillers can sometimes ruin the mood.

Despite its flaws MSG is an amazing show that has introduced many fans to the world of anime. A remarkable story combined with some of the best action scenes in the mecha genre set this series among the best of its kind.

The Rating: 8

Reviewed by: DarkKanti

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