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M.D. Geist

Title: M.D. Geist aka Most Dangerous Geist
Genre: Action
Company: Nippon Columbia/Central Park Media
Format: 2 OVA
Dates: 25 May 1986 – 1 Mar 1996

Synopsis: Most Dangerous Soldier Geist was deemed too unpredictable for combat, and was thus locked up in a satellite. However, he has escaped back down to the planet surface. Now he is on a quest of self-redemption the only way he knows how; killing people.

The Highlights
Half baked, tacked on, and laughable at best.
Characters: Wait, those were characters?
Aesthetics: Horrid.
Mature content: Poor use of poor violence.
Redeeming qualities: May serve as a slightly more humane alternative to water boarding.

In my search for what is good, it seemed necessary to first have a definition for the word bad. So, what better way than to start than from the bottom up? The bottom is MD Geist, an OVA series that is insulting to even the most primitive of a fan’s vices. It starts out intrinsically awful and works its way down to horribly painful. If this is the worst anime ever produced, then my mission should be a breeze. If not, well let’s just say that this is as low as I ever hope to go.

It’s probably a good idea to open this can of worms with this OVA’s plot, or lack there of. The entire background goes no further than there is a war and people are killing each other. To make matters worse, throughout the “story,” things are brought up, people are named, and stuff is addressed all of which is given little more than a namesake in a vain attempt to justify this slaughterfest. At the very best, this anime would have made very good MST3K fodder. Too bad the characters take this two part series down so far to make sarcastic comments at.

Geist’s story begins with a description of him being deemed too dangerous and locked up. For no adequately explored reason and with absolutely no depth, he is back in action and ready to be to take his aggression out on everyone. A naïve viewer may try fruitlessly to make him human, only to find utter disappointment. Sure, on the surface there is much intrigue with mysterious super soldiers engaging in a personal war; however, its been done, and far better I might add in series like VOTOMS. In my own pathetic attempt to humanize Geist, I tried to call him the poor man’s this or the bargain bin that, and each one that turned out to be overly generous. This happens to apply to every single character, each whom squander any ability to even be considered a bland stereotype. It’s best just to ignore them.

With a shell of a story and mere shells of characters, the only audience for MD Geist may have been a select minority of action junkies. Too bad for them the animation quality is low, ugly, and incoherent. Many action scenes have such horrendous timing that they feel completely disjointed. Trying to make sense of the battles is headache inducing. Along with shoddy cinematography, the production values are much closer to that of a bad TV series than an OVA. Not to mention, many of the fights seemed reminiscent of Dragon Ball Z: The World’s Strongest, with blood. The more and more of these uninspiring fights I had to sit through, the worse and worse it got, and when I started praying for it to end, it occurred to me that I had another 20 minutes to go.

No matter how you look at it, in the end M.D. Geist is violence; disgusting, poor, useless violence. There is no way, by any means, that viewers will find any enjoyment out of it. It doesn’t take long to realize how empty the story is. At that point, all that is left to notice is the garish visuals that slowly drag this OVA from annoying to mentally harmful. That in mind, some sick individual may find use for it to get around the Geneva Convention. That’s as far as its uses go. Many things in life are horribly aggravating, but only a few manage to stoop this low.

The Rating: 1

Reviewed by: Kavik Ryx

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