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Macross 7 Encore

Title: Macross 7 Encore
Genre: Action/Comedy
Company:Ashi Productions/Bandai Visual/Big West
Format: 3 OVA
Dates: 18 Dec 1995

Synopsis: As Fleet 7’s journey continues, it’s rare to even get even a day without being assaulted by the minions of the Protodevlin. Whether the enemy on their tail or not, life still goes on. And of course, Fire Bomber still has its own share of problems and worries to deal with. There is rarely a dull day on the Macross 7, but these are just a few them.

The Highlights
Story and characters: As adorable as ever.
Battle scenes: Relatively decent, in fact, really good.
Significance: Basically filler.

More Macross 7(1,2). Weren’t 49 episodes more than enough? Well apparently not, as these episodes turned out to be among the most entertaining. In reality, nothing of any real significance happens in these three standalones, but at least Encore has the decency to release its needless fluff separate from the main series.

The basis for Encore revolves around three stories about the Macross 7 when the crew have a moment to breathe. Well I guess Fleet of the Strongest Women wouldn’t qualify as a breather, but it’s nice to see the fleet having to deal with something outside of Geperuniti’s minions, which, in this case, is an armada of rogue Meldtrandi. This episode in particular is perfect for Encore simply because of its OVA budget. For once, the battles actually look good, with missiles ablaze in a traditional Macross(1,2) fashion. And of course, the payoff is simply priceless.

As for the other two stories, they are certainly more subdued, though both turn out to be quite charming. What made Macross 7 work more than anything was the slice of life aspect, which many a times was hampered by mandatory Varauta and Protodevlin attacks. This time, there is not a purple VF or monstrous furry in sight. In other words, it is Macross 7 free of its weakest aspect.

There’s really not much to say about Encore. Watching bridge bunnies on their day off, dramatizations of Fire Bomber’s humble beginnings, Milia attempting to hook up Mylene and Basara, leading up to the three of them singing “Light the Light,” is certainly going to please the fans, but nothing more. And that is all this anime really needs to be, food for fans, and satisfactory food at that. When all is said and done, Encore is little more than filler, not that there’s anything wrong with it of course.

The Rating: 7

Reviewed by: Kavik Ryx

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