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Lucky Star OVA

Title: Lucky Star OVA
Genre: Comedy
Company: Kyoto Animation
Format: 1 OVA
Date: 26 September 2008

Synopsis: Konata has finally gotten the Hiiragi sisters to appreciate the beauty of MMORPGs; they join a party with their teacher, Nanako, and go off on virtual adventures hunting for monsters and treasure. Meanwhile, Yutaka and her friends are invited to Minami’s house and become acquainted with her dog.

The Highlights
References: They’re there again; I still laughed.
Non-referential humor: It’s also there, but in smaller doses.
Lucky Channel: Oh God.
Animation: Still as smooth as ever.
Kagami’s dream: Don’t drink water when watching that; you might choke yourself.

>Let’s not kid ourselves; this is Lucky Star. Unless you live in Japan or know a ridiculous amount about the Japanese otaku subculture, a lot of the jokes in this are going to fly right over your head. As a definite member of the Japanese otaku society, I’ve found the entire OVA to be 40 minutes of non-stop laughter. However, for the sake of the common English speaking anime fan, I’ll attempt to put personal biases aside and write as a serious reviewer.

Like any other Kyoto Animation product, the OVA provides the same clean, crisp and fluid moĆ© that viewers have grown used to. In addition, the stellar voice cast is unchanged from the original series, which essentially means that you have forty minutes of technical mastery. However, to repeat an old adage, beautiful art and pleasant sound don’t make a great anime; the content does. Much like the television series, some moments floor me in fits of laughter and other moments have me scratching my head, thinking, “What?” It’s clear that KyoAni has taken a bit of a SHAFT-esque approach on some of the stories and have decided to let their imagination run wild. It’s very refreshing to see the sheer volatility of that studio, but it’s also a bit creepy.

As any Lucky Star viewer should expect, the humor is highly exclusive. There’s references to other anime abound, with the likes of Fate/Stay Night, Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei and Keroro Gunso, just to name a few. Otaku culture references, such as referring to Miyuki as “Miwiki” and Shiraishi‘s (in)famous “WAWAWAwasuremono” make an appearance as well. Also, unlike usual, the Lucky Channel segment at the end is unexpectedly funny, and keeps the laughs going until the very end. To keep things short, if the bulk of this paragraph flies over your head, this one’s probably not for you.

Lucky Star OVA is nothing that’ll be talked about through the ages, but it is just an enjoyable use of time on a quiet evening. So, if you liked the orignal Lucky Star, you’ll probably like this just as much.

The Rating: 7

Reviewed by: Akira

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