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Koi Koi Seven

Title: Koi Koi Seven
Genre: Comedy/Romance
Company: Studio Flag/Trinet Entertainment
Format: 13 episodes
Dates: 3 Apr 2005 – 26 Jun 2005

Synopsis: Tanaka Tetsuro is excited at the chance to attend a new school far away from home, but he soon discovers that Gokoh Academy is an all girls school! Caught between the war of the Koi Koi Seven and the student council, he may not survive long enough to enjoy his new life amongst the beautiful young women he lives with.

The Highlights
Animation: God of Mercy, please be swift; calling it an “eye sore” is being generous.
Story: Unoriginal, bland, and tasteless.
Development: No background, no ending, and nothing worth mentioning in-between.

Very seldom do I come across an anime that I can honestly say I didn’t enjoy at least a little bit. In this case, however, I had to stomach each episode as its flaws grew more and more grotesque. Each sliver of hope for redemption was spat on as the plot continued to drive itself into obscurity and chaotic pointlessness. Should you come across this title, do the world a favor and bury the DVD where no one else will have to suffer its torment.

The animation is the first thing that irked me; its dismal coloring and god awful quality is typical of some no-name title out of the 1980s. I was appalled when I found out this was released a couple of years ago! Poor quality animation can be forgiven if its other aspects prove favorable; however, this flaw is only the tip of the iceberg for Koi Koi Seven. Accompanying the abysmal artwork is a soundtrack dragged up from the depths of mediocrity. Aside from the Power Rangers-esque opening which leaves you emotionally void, the background tracks are simple and off-the-shelf melodies. Even the voice acting was poor, compliments of a seiyuu cast that for the most part had no prior experience in any major roles. Kudos, Studio Flag.

The flaws continue as the viewer digs deeper, met by a “phenomenal” cast of typical harem women. What brings me to tears is how animate the creator is in trying to create this collection of vivid characters, clearly blotched with elements from other series. For instance: the main heroine’s use of ~desu at the end of every sentence, whether appropriate or not. It was cute when Kurumi (Steel Angel Kurumi) did, but hearing Asuka say it in her prepubescent voice makes me want to punch chibis…desu!

Furthermore, throughout its entirety the series fails to give any background to the six members of the Koi Koi Seven, why the student council is so obsessed with their demise, or how the main heroine became so madly in love with Tetsuro in the first place. We can assume she must have known him prior to him arriving at the all girls school, yet nothing is ever written out for us. Episodes are… episodic, ranging in quality from decent to pointless and bland. There’s mechas, androids, sports, school girls, etc. Even Koi Koi Seven doesn’t know what it is about! I say pick a genre and plot and stick with it.

Given all the extravagant shortcomings of the show, it’s insulting that even the fan-service does nothing for me. Heed my words, and stay as far away from this series as possible.

The Rating: 1

Reviewed by: Godai

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