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Koharu Biyori

Title: Koharu Biyori
Genre: Comedy
Company: Doumu
Format: 3 OVA
Date: 21 Nov 2007 – 21 Mar 2008

Synopsis: Takaya Murase is seeking for the perfect maid robot from a robotic doll distributor in a time where robots are common laborers for their owners. He finds one named Yui but she has no idea that her owner reveals to have perverted hobbies.

The Highlights
Concept: Perching on the borders between ecchi, fanservice and hentai.
Story: Everything based on genres above, including even some out-of-place drama.
How to describe the content: I cringed.

“Urgh”. This is the best way I can describe Koharu Biyori from start to finish, and also my expression on all its three episodes. It should not have come as such a surprise since it is produced by Doumu that brought us Hanaukyo Maid-tai and Onegai Twins, a fact I was not aware of at first. Eventually, the 3-episode OVA offers nothing more than the personification of all ecchi titles and beyond.

The first episode dive straight into what Biyori is all about – excessive fanservice, ecchi elements and things that teeter on the edge of hentai. Amazingly, almost everything is explored, from the idea of tentacles enveloping women with the conventional jiggling boobs to the atypical parting shot at eroge games. The only way I managed to watch all three episodes was to watch them with a cynic’s eye. From this viewpoint, it can be viewed as a mockumentary for what perverts actually does during his leisure time, and the one to embody the idea is none other than the lead character Murase himself. It’s hard to do but if I can do it, you can try too.

Another thing that I cannot condone in a series that feeds viewers with extravagant fanservice is the drama that is evidently out of place. Why put in some moments of dramatic substance in a series that thrives on everything other than substance itself? This becomes completely ironic, because the drama itself ends up sticking out like a sore thumb in an ecchi comedy like Biyori. This is an exemplary case where drama is actually substantial and yet it can backfire when used with such an inappropriate premise.

Biyori eventually is nothing more than a collection of shallow gags that only manage to invoke a few giggles. Even to be viewed as a comedy, it fails by a long shot. Furthermore, the drama only makes things worse, rendering Biyori more pretentious. This rating is a new low for me, but for a show that makes jokes around a baby’s jewels, it’s considered mild criticism. This will be my advice to anyone out there: if you have time to watch an anime, avoid this one at at all cost, even if you’re the adventurous type.

The Rating: 2

Reviewed by: AC

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