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Kashimashi ~Girl Meets Girl~ OVA

Title: Kashimashi ~Girl Meets Girl~ OVA
Genre: Romance/Comedy
Company: Bandai Visual/Kashimashi Production Team/Lantis/Media Works/Studio Hibari
Format: 1 OVA
Dates: 27 Oct 2006

Synopsis: Kamiizumi Yasuna and Osaragi Hazumu are slowly getting on with their lives after the departure of Sora and Jan Puu. In the meantime, a distance has grown between Hazumu and her close friend, Kurusu Tomari. However, Christmas – the season of miracles – is fast approaching…

The Highlights
Comedy: Typical Kashimashi; bland.
Pacing: Struggles to make a proper resolution believable with its limited time.
Characters: Rushed, unconvincing character development.
Magical aliens: Are they really necessary?

I’m so torn by the Kashimashi OVA: On the one hand, it delivers the ending I felt was more rewarding to the characters, given their respective dilemmas and relationships in the first series. On the other hand, it does so in such a trite and rushed way that the impact of the resolution is close to naught. Even despite the conclusion and apparent character growth presented in this encore episode, I still scratch my head and skeptically ask myself “have they truly grown?”

Presenting characters with inherent weaknesses and watching them overcome and eventually conquer these flaws is the cornerstone of basic character development. But it needs to be shown in a way that’s believable and decisive, which are in my eyes two criteria that the Kashimashi finale fails to meet. Yasuna’s development received the most attention, but seeing as the crux of it was portrayed in a two minute flashback, it was rushed to say the least. Tomari’s time in the spotlight was even worse: a visual light show, some reflection and a couple of lines of dialogue and suddenly she has a completely new outlook on her relationship with Hazumu. It just wasn’t convincing.

The Kashimashi OVA still has all the flaws that crippled the TV series, such as the irritating attempts at humour, inane plot devices and “miracles” that test your suspension of disbelief. The climax of the story is followed by one such “miracle” scene involving magical aliens, wedding gowns and a reindeer sleigh. The entire sequence just had me rolling my eyes.

Had this OVA not been so rushed, perhaps it would have been easier to swallow. Unfortunately we are expected to accept the complete turnaround of an equilibrium which took an entire series to establish, in a single episode. As elements to create a potentially good anime, there’s nothing wrong with Kashimashi’s characters… or the plot. But when the pacing and execution are as haphazard as in both Kashimashi outings, there’s no question that they’ve been wasted.

The Rating: 4

Reviewed by: Sorrow-kun

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