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Title: Kanokon
Genre: Comedy/Romance
Company: Xebec
Format: 12 episodes
Dates: 5 Apr 2008 – 21 Jun 2008

Synopsis: Oyamada Kouta is a new student at Kunpo High School, living on his own in the big city after transferring form the rural countryside. On his first day he meets Minamoto Chizuru, a girl who seems interested in only one thing – making a man out of Kouta! Things get even messier when Kouta discovers Chizuru is a fox diety; between Chizuru’s flirting, strange encounters, and surviving his new school, Kouta may just become a man after all.

The Highlights
Fan-service: Overpowering; any more, and we’d have a hentai.
Story: Boy meets girl – girl loves boy – boy starts to like girl; ends without any real resolve.
Lead Character: While still shy like every other main character in the rom-com/harem genre, Kouta actually has a pair to go through with it.

Despite what Mahoro has taught us all (see: Mahoromatic), ecchi is not bad. However, in such an overabundance as was the case in Kanokon, the fan-service overpowers what little plot may have existed. Balancing on that delicate edge between “fan-service anime” and “hentai”, it leaves you with too much to enjoy the series, and not enough to enjoy… well, you get where I am going with this. Overly bouncy and overly big breasts aside, Kanokon had several other flaws that kept it from getting a passing grade.

The plot itself has more holes than Swiss cheese, and an ending that one might expect from the genre. The entire relationship between Kouta and Chizuru lacks any discernible reason as to why she is so obsessed with him, or why she has to get into his pants right away, aside from being another outlet for more ecchi. Depthless characters add for more disappointment, void of any introduction or explanation. Even the antagonists of the story have no introduction – they just appear out of the blue and start fighting. So you find yourself emerged in these terrible action scenes without understanding what the hell is going on or why, which to be quite frank is just a terrible flaw on the author’s part.

Another thing I found a little disturbing was the character “transformation” when Kouta and Chizuru “became one.” The powerful entity possesses this pubescent boy’s body…and he gets whiskers and a tail? Then you get three minutes of awkward inner-dialogue between Kouta and the Chizuru in his head, and finally a quick Kamehameha that never fails to defeat the bad guys. Aside from being odd it is not entertaining and animated poorly, adding more tallies to the “reasons not to watch” board. Granted that this story has been dragged through several mediums before being aired last April, so maybe the original glamour and appeal got lost between light novel to manga, manga to drama CD, and drama CD to anime.

One thing I did enjoy though about Kanokon was Kouta’s character. More often than not in the rom-com genre we find male leads that are surrounded by all these women, yet are too much of a coward to do anything about it. They act all awkward and shy, and freak out at the first sign of affection. Now given Kouta still had a bit of these elements about him, it was more cute and innocent – and eventually he gave in. Chizuru would try to seduce him, and even though he’d say things like “it’s embarrassing” and “no not here,” in a few minutes he was right in her lap (among other places). All in all the series was lighthearted and funny at times, but failed to produce any real value. Unless you’re looking for ecchi out the ears, pass this title up.

The Rating: 3

Reviewed by: Godai

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