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Jyu Oh Sei

Title: Jyu Oh Sei
Genre: Action/Drama
Company: BONES
Format: 11 episodes
Dates: 13 Apr 2006 – 22 Jul 2006

Synopsis: After witnessing the untimely death of their parents, Thor and his twin brother Rai are sent to the prison planet Chimera with nothing but a beam sword to protect themselves. With this they set out to find civilization in an uncivilized world, quickly finding that only one law now applies: only the strong survive.

The Highlights
Action: Fluidly animated.
Premise: Generally unique and interesting.
Ending: Disappointing.
Pace: Way too fast.
Main character: strong and easily likable.
Side characters: For the most part, insignificant.
OP: Terrible, just terrible.

When I first heard the premise of Jyu Oh Sei, my mind went straight to Lord of the Flies and the anime that usually goes hand in hand with it, Infinite Ryvius. However, Jyu Oh Sei proved to be far different. It made use of an interesting environment and story to set itself apart from being merely an Infinite Ryvius clone.

One of my favorite things about Jyu Oh Sei was the setting. The prison planet Chimera and the carnivorous plants that inhabit it made for some incredibly fast paced and stylish action. The plants were really what made the fight scenes so entertaining and unique. These fight scenes were incredibly fluid and detailed, largely thanks to the magnificent job BONES did animating the series.

Unfortunately, this 11 episode series could have easily been at least twice as long. Much of the actual plot was rushed and a few years were actually skipped in the middle of the series. The characters themselves were a mixed bag. The main character was likable enough, but aside from one or two side characters the rest seemed pretty forgettable or just plain not needed.

Aside from a few good points here and there the overall ending is a bit of a disappointment. The final plot twist was way too predictable, and much of the “drama” seemed unnecessary and contrived. There were a few saving graces but for the most part it missed par.

All in all, Jyu Oh Sei is an excellent action series with a decent enough story that unfortunately falls short in a few too many areas. The opening sequence in particular was one of the worst I’ve come to see and really failed to match the overall atmosphere of the show. Jyu Oh Sei is definitely worth the watch though, if only for the action and unique environment.

The Rating: 6

Reviewed by: DarkKanti

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